Beating New 2020 Teltoc Legendary Last Stage with Classic Epics And Classic Items Only

Since it was a tough one even with cool legendary heroes, I just wanted to know, if newer or f2p players could beat this event without any 5*s.

It is possible to finish the new legendary Teltoc 2020 with classic epics and classic items only, but it is crazy hard.

Used this team and items:

Was the 2nd attempt for this.
1st was a very close defeat.


Although, it’s worth noting @Olmor also has some high levelled troops that allow those heros to take a punch or five.


Wouldn’t say worth nothing, but will try again with rare troops.


It’s totally doable. I have done Pirates revamped 15L with a 3.2k vanilla team. And Wonderland with a vanilla 3.4k team.
Cruised this one with Proteus, so I didnt bother to go with my old teams from previous events.


Now I don’t think that the troops made much of a difference, but did it with rare troops now with another epic vanilla team.


Very nice work @Olmor. :clap: Gives me some team ideas for when I do try legendary.


That’s awesome. I find with tournament raids, levelled troops makes a huge difference, to my survivability towards the end. Good to know this isn’t applicable for events.

I really appreciate your work - thank you :smile:.





Ok, I beat it with 4-star classic heroes, no emblems and 3-star troops only. Yeah, I carpet bombed the bosses a little more than half way to the grave.

I used Scarlett, Kelile, Gormek, Boldtusk and Little John. Had to get a red diamond and red tiles lined up over Chameleon before the boss wave started though.


That was cool.
Nice cascades, but close anyway.

If Chameleon wouldn’t dispel, the whole thing was pretty easy, cause he’d be a tile grave and you could even use his elemental swaps strategically.

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I know @Scarecrow publishes his 4* classic playthrough regularly


Used Proteus, Tiburtus, Wu Kong, Kiril and Grimm. Proteus will make your life much easier in events.

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He did:

Always like seeing what you can do with basically vanilla heroes. That was a LOT of carpet bombing for sure! This event is definitely a bit more challenging than the other challenge events that have been revamped so far.

Yeah, I miss the version of these challenges that could be beaten with just the classic heroes and a potion or two as a safety net. Those required a bit more strategy in one’s board manipulation IMO because you had to play the board from beginning to end. Now that it is mandatory to use timestops, carpet bombing or Proteus / Hel / Miki something has been lost from these challenge events. Now one only needs to play to the point where you can rely on SS or mana sabotage to lock down the bosses. The classic riposte strategy will not work at all on this event because of Chameleon’s dispel ability.

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It works, but one has to be more careful when to fire it. In my 2nd clip I fired Cyp 3 times right before Chams dispel. Only the 4th cast was timed right and Cham committed suicide, when Cyp was holy.

I was using a 3-2 red and purple team until the last stage. For the final stage, I made a big swap and went mono-blue! Grimm-Kiril-Boril-Sonya-Triton. Triton is effectively a second healer, plus there’s atk up and def down. One round of specials and a few tiles took Kong out quickly. Owl took a bit more work and some potions, but Sonya’s dispel kept his healing down. The best part was the finish: charge up Chameleon’s special, have him fire, and my whole team turned red! Sonya dropped his atk bonus, then I quickly pummeled him with red tiles. Chameleon makes for interesting gameplay, but really shot himself in the foot.


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