Just did a quick 1.2M Walk-Through Video for Legendary in Avalon

I do not think I will be pushing top 10 this time as I want to see what I can achieve with Epic so I am just hoping to secure Top 100 for Rare and Legendary.

Hopefully this video can help some of you looking for scores and I also hope this scores holds for Top 100. If not, will be farming for boards and hitting the tiles some more.


And after all this amazing performance you are in the 3rd position?:scream::scream::scream:

I really thought that you’d be in the first one.

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Thanks, but I am just hoping this holds for Top 100. We shall see.


Just out of curiosity with all the resources used is it even worth it?? I mean it would be fun to place that high but it just seems like a lot to get there.

Is there any competition anywhere, in any field that the prize is worth the resources to get there?

I used to race cars and I can testify to a huge amount of resources being spent to place near the top and there was no prize whose value, in and of itself, was worth the effort/resources. So why do it?

The spirit of competition. To push oneself as far as one can.

… as far as in-game resources, what else is there to do with piles of weapons but to use them?


Thanks for the video! I had been procrastinating completing this event (busy with rl stuff), and was just finishing legendary. Normally score ~90k for the last three levels, following this playstyle was able to top 100k on the ones left.

Quick question: is there a trick to firing off axes/bombs/dragons so quickly?


I should practice throwing speed :sweat_smile:

I workout regularly :smiley:

Seriously, I never wait for any animations, I just tap away.


Did you do it with 2 hands? My hands cannot synchronize the timing yet…

Not sure why that last one responded to the wrong person here. Sorry about that.

I play with my right index finger which is why I usually fire my heroes right to left.

My wife plays with two thumbs. I’ll never understand that.


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