Telluria vs QoH

So I pulled Telluria, very happy to do so, and will max her. However, when it comes to emblems, I already have QoH maxed and emblemed to 4/80-13, and use her as flank behind Ursena on my def team. Is it worth resetting QoH to give the emblems to Telluria? I think Telluria is better, but that’s a big investment to throw out, particularly when I’m always feeling pinched for food anyway. Thoughts?

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I wouldn’t make the switch unless she is going to be your new tank.

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Max her and put further emblems on Telly. Queen also is a very cool heroine, especially for the upcoming minion meta.

The game is a grind, so no need to reset a good one for a good one. Be patient to get both up.


Thanks for the advice! Why QoH never flank though? I can see left wing so that she goes off first, but given her tanks stats, I’d prefer to have her protecting my sniper wings (Hel and Kage, or Lianna and Magni). Hadn’t even dreamed of putting her in a wing. She was my tank till I maxed and emblemed Urs.

My guess? To protect the minion, in order for her taunt to be more successful.

But also not a fan of average or slower in wings [if it can be helped]

Anyway, I’m just jumping right in here so I may as well respond to the OP lol

Telluria is definitely overall more versatile, but I don’t think it’s worth resetting, especially if you use QoH frequently. I’d just start embleming Tell from now on, instead. No reason they cant both be emblemed :blush: Telluria should definitely make a better flank than QoH, so if your priorities do lie more defensively, then I spose you could reset Queenie and swap. But otherwise, if defense is very “meh” to you, I’d just stick to both

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Kage should never be a wing - you need him to fire early and hit enemies with 50%+ health… He’s wasted on the wing.

Hi @Het ,

I’m not sure if you’ve gotten enough information, because sometimes deciding who gets emblems can be tough, and just in case you’re interested in more player thoughts:

  1. unless you plan on using Telluria full time/as your all-around tank, and benching QoH, then @Olmor and @RandaPandah said it best.

Also, what’s your playing style? (F2P, C2P, P2P, etc…) Is your overall roster filled with utility, AoE, or more snipers? you prefer atk teams with snipers?
Or is this focused on paladin emblems and trade-offs between two good heroes, and is this going to be for your def team?

I’m not directly asking and only sharing questions for you to consider.

So, based on your OP and I definitely agree, emblems are a big thing (regardless of playing style), and unless you’re going to prioritize Telluria as your new #1, I’d take the suggestion of @Olmor and @RandaPandah and max out Telluria but don’t take all emblems from QoH.

  1. If you look at the stat sheets for QoH, she’s being used more on flank than tank, and even less on wing. And this is probably because of her meta which is designed to protect the tank, and she can take the hits while the rest of the heroes prepare to fire off.

But that’s NOT to say she can’t be used as a wing because she could also protect the flank and if your flank is a healer, then that’s important as well.

Now, with that in mind, you stated that you’ve already used QoH to flank Ursena, so you would be the best person to judge whether or not QoH has been valuable in that position or should she be devalued and emblems removed and given to Telluria?

Some other thoughts:

I have QoH at 3.70 and will be my next red 5* to ascend (just need rings). But truth be told, I’ve had her for quite some time but because I’m C2P player and prefer fast killing atk teams, I needed snipers over utility or AoE heroes and I ascended Marjana first. Additionally, Richard had the paladin emblems.

I also have Telluria and will max out but just like @Olmor said, it’s a grind so it’s going to take me time.

My alliance runs yellow tanks and I’m using Vivica-C as my alliance defense tank and also she’s my raid defense tank…she’s maxed out BUT with no emblems and I routinely stay around the 2500 cup range.

At first I was worried and struggled with deciding to take Cleric emblems from Kunchen but at the end I did not and that was a good decision because Vivica-C does fine without the emblems (granted she’s costumed).

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, I need more sleep.

Idk why I just got MoNo and QoH mixed up.

QoH flank. MoNo wing.

Carry on and disregard my last comment


EXCELLENT responses, thanks all! Did not expect to get such great feedback! I think I’ll go the “max and emblem Tell route without resetting QoH, at least for now. I also got Sif, and am more focused on her than Tell, as I have quite a few rogue emblems saved up, and I think she would work well on my D team. My concern in this question really is primarily just D team, as I’d like to be in a place where I don’t bleed cups too badly, and can raid for fun on my own time, and keep diamond rewards without having to go crazy raiding back up to diamond. Of course, anyone who is worth maxing and embleming will also get extensive use in AW, maps, raiding, and events/tourneys.

Hi @Het,

The last part of your sentence is Spot On :slightly_smiling_face:
So basically, as long as your heroes (or the hero you are currently maxing out/leveling up) will be useful all around, then it’s worth it. And I think most players feel the same way.
I guess that’s also a good reason to go through the grind (like @Olmor says) because it gives you time to watch either Telluria or Sif in action as they’re growing. That’s how I grow my heroes.

Congrats on pulling the HoTM and also an S3 5* hero, Sif…WOW! That’s awesome! :trophy:

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Yeah, it was a very lucky couple of hours, right at the end of the event (I always try to save my pulls for the very end, so I’m not tempted to spend to pull more…). Did a 10 pull, got mostly 3*, but that included most S3 3*s, so not terrible - got Tells as a bonus. Then with my last coins and about 15 minutes to go in the event, got Sif. Was hoping for Tyr, but am now interested in what she will do for me. Anyhow, thanks for the advice!

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Hi @Het,

Yeah, I get excited when anyone pulls the hero they hoped for or gets a good hero when pulling because the chances are very slim. :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, Here’s a link to info on Sif (I didn’t see you on it and thought it might be helpful):

📯 Sif – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Enjoy and happy E&P gaming :trophy:

Hi. Which path did you take for emblems? I’m in the same situation with Heimdall. I want to swap Heimdall with QoH for left position. Thank you.

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