What to do now

Ok so I have been using a maxed out with a few emblems on her Quenivere d my defense team tank as v well as war tank, but now I am on the verge of maxing tellura and going to even her. Should I replace quin will tellura, currently my defense team is Evelyn,sheshat,quinivere,rigard and gravemaker, all maxed out

Do you have any maxed blues?

And is your alliance switching tank colors for wars?

Telluria is definitely the better tank

But whether she’s worth the investment depends on alliance wars imo since raid defense doesn’t really have a return on investment like alliance wars do

If your alliance is goin to green tanks in wars, then yup invest in telluria

If not then, I’d probly stil max her but I’d hold off on emblem investment until she’s goin to be your war tank. And that’s not so much about conserving emblems as much as it’s about using food/iron/time on other priorities


i am in a pretty weak alliance , they dont focos much on anything . definitely dont care what color war tank i use. hell half the alliance dont do wars anyway. my onlly maxed blues are 4 star grimm, kiril and a costumed sonya with 19 emblems, i have a 5 star blue Isarnia but havent started on her yet

@cain308 change alliances and get where u should be…
if u would like to try mine just ask, or find another 1