Not happy with my Kunch tank, want to switch to Telluria but no Vela

Not happy with my Kunch tank, but that might be because I have weak Holy flank options. I’d like to switch to Telluria, but my Ice flank options are not that great either.

My current line up is: Kingston +18 - Zim + 18 - Kunch +18 - Neith +18 - GM +18
Frida is my war tank, but may switch to Isarnia.

Here is what I’m working with (all maxed):

Dark - Kunch, Kage, Seshat, Victor
Holy - Neith, Justice, Vivica (nothing in the pipe)
Fire - Zim, GM, Anzogh, Marjana
Ice - Frida, Magni, Isarnia (nothing in the pipe)
Nature - Evelyn, Kingston, Hatter

So I guess I could go with a line up like this:
Seshat/Kunch (or Zim) - Zim/GM - Telluria - Magni - GM (or dark)

Frida’s emblems would go to Telluria
Kingston’s emblems would go to Magni
Neith’s emblems would go to Seshat

Just trying to get thoughts or opinions (and kicking myself for not going after Vela).

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Wow,… Neith+18 flank :muscle: this make me more confirming that Neith is very bad on defense.
IMO, (just like your guess): Seshat - Zim - Telluria - Magni - GM


Yeah, I feel like they nerfed both Telluria and Neith the same way (lots of things going on in the special at average speed), but the combination that Neith has is just ok. Blind is both awesome and crappy at the same time and 10% mana cut just doesn’t do a whole lot.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! Exactly where I was leaning.


If Isarnia is emblemed and has costume bonus (but kept in vanilla form) she can be a good defender in the right setting…

A tank that’s durable and buys time for her to fire can make her very effective - she’s done far better for me (flanking BK) than Alice has.

I’m still undecided where Telluria sits best on my own defence… She’s a good tank, but she sits as a natural conundrum flanking BK tank - I don’t see it being as effective the other way around but time will tell!

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No costume, but she will have emblems. I can definitely try her out on raid defense as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

Somehow stacking Frida and Isarnia sounds awesome.

Thankfully in this game, it doesnt hurt to experiment for a week and track your avg. trophies each morning.

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If I go with Telluria, that means no emblems for Frida. That’s the one big issue with emblems is that it’s VERY difficult to experiment with them given the cost in ham/iron and gem resets/reset emblems.

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still, I like your choices!

I would stick Kingston in the right corner if you do use telluria btw- they work well together.

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