Anyone have both Falcon and Telluria?

Falcon has been my Paladin for awhile. He’s +18 emblems, and I use him for titans, and also for war. I used to raid with him, but don’t anymore.

I just maxed Telluria, and she has only one emblem. If I reset Falcon, that’s 376 emblems … plus 20 emblems in inventory. That would make a total of 396 emblems to play with.

I could split the emblems between them. Falcon could go to +4 (and get the Protect). Telluria would go to +4. Or Falcon could go +1 … and Telluria could go +6.

Sonya is +4 and would give 86 emblems. Is that worth a reset just so Telluria could jump another node to +7?

The difference in emblem cost between a 4-star and 5-star makes my head spin.

Lastly, my kid really loves Guardian Falcon. He only wanted one Guardian, and he was able to summon the bird. He looked very sad when I said I might reset Falcon. So I haven’t.

Any thoughts? Keep Falcon as is … or give more emblems to Telluria?


It really depends on your intentions for Telluria.
If your looking to tank her and put up a great raid defense, then you’ll want as many emblems as possible on her. Otherwise, its just about maximizing your overall roster. I use Falcon on 14* titans with no emblems and he survives well enough using banners. Personally, I’m content putting up a raid defense that holds in the range I want, around 2500, and use emblems to maximize my war defense and my most valuable heroes that need help surviving for war attacks. Kiril, Proteus, Jackal… If your alliance isn’t going to be using green tanks for war, then it’s not too important to put a bunch of emblems on Tell right away. You can leave Falcon and just add new ones to her as you can.


Thanks for the reply @Srob. I’ve already put Telluria as tank for raid defense. She’s actually doing well, even with only one emblem. That’s why I’m seriously considering the reset.

However, I’m ok with waiting on emblems as well. We don’t use green tanks, so I would have to flank Telluria for war. Not the best spot for her I think. I want those baby green Totoro minions to spawn and spawn. :slight_smile:

Falcons pretty tanky already - he’s not a big damage dealer but that’s not why you’d pick him anyway.

I stripped him and haven’t noticed any significant difference.


tell me more about the level player you are. What raid arena are you fighting in? What level titans? what is your TP?


I’m keeping my Falcon at +18, so I can continue using him for 11-13* Titans, Raids, War, Challenge Events, and Raid Tournament Offense.

There’s no argument for me that I don’t get more than enough use out of him to justify keeping the Emblems.

I’m using Telluria at +2 on Offense currently, and loving her.

I don’t really care much about Defense, especially outside of War, so I’ll keep giving her new Emblems, but to me it’s not at all worth taking them off Falcon.

Someone using Falcon less, and prioritizing Raid Defense more, would be more likely to want to take the Emblems from Falcon.

I have Sonya at +18 too, and want to keep her there because I use her for War, including with her Costume for cleansing, and for Raid Tournaments.

I don’t think it’s really worth resetting to gain a couple nodes for Telluria.

Having a good distribution of Emblems across Heroes has served me well for all facets of the game.


Honestly, I’d do it anyway… Telluria I find useful on offense, Falcon I use primarily for titans.
(Edit: that said… Raiding in low diamond you wouldn’t necessarily need as many on her as you’d want raiding higher up)

But I get the question - if you’re looking to just stay in and around diamond, you don’t necessarily even need emblems on her… If you’re looking for the best possible defence, you want lots of emblems on her.

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Mostly high Platinum, sometimes in Diamond. Usually I get clobbered in Diamond and sent back to Platinum pretty fast.

However Telluria has been tank for only two days … and she’s holding low Diamond. I’m not doing anything.

I’m running Domitia +7, Kiril +18, Telluria +1, Mist +18, Mitsuko +7. Team power is 4083.

Mitsuko used to tank, and Buddy +18 would flank. I also used to tank Buddy. Neither of them held Diamond.

Titans are 7 or 8 star. Depends on how active members are. It’s pretty casual the alliance, which I like.

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May I ask, who did you give the emblems to?

Telluria - was previously tanking BK (now on flank) and it’s holding even more now…

But I did it mostly for offense

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Well you jumped the gun on the OPs answer lol. This is exactly what I was getting at.

And I hate disagreeing with @zephyr1 buuuuuuutttttttttt I have used falcon for war in a 3/2 and for titans mainly. He was just fine before I took him to +20 and he will be just fine after I reset him next week along side a +7 frida and 200 emblems sitting in inventory. All said and done, I will have telly at +17. I do like have a strong raid def as I still use that team occasional to raid with, auto farming, etc.

My alliance is right outside the top 100 (105 earlier this week) and I enjoy seeing my cups go up without any work…so my new def will be finley, gm, telly, vela, kingston (or drake)…so the resets made sense to me.

Don’t reset your Falcon. Sounds like the additional roster depth is more important for you right now. Telly as is should be powerful enough to keep you where you are.


also… Reset your def to look like this

Mist, Kiril, Telly, Mitsuko, Domitia

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Thank you. Always happy to try new configurations. :slight_smile:

Ok to have dispell last? I always struggle with the order of heroes.

Yeah, I understand why you had it set up how you did, but here is my logic:

Mist’s special skill def down needs to fire first. That paired with Kiril attack up will bring more power to Telly and Mitsuko’s AOE damage. Dom’s dispel is great, but you are assuming their is a buff to dispel instead of guaranteeing the def down and attack up.

Additionally, you really really want mitsuko to fire more often. her mana drop is fantastic, the blue reflect is insane, and she hits decently hard


Thanks for explaining. Mist is all kinds of awesome. :smile: I have to agree re: Mitsuko’s blue reflect. I especially enjoy watching Vela drown herself. I will go try the new defense now.

If you’re using Telluria as your tank, there is no question that you want to put as many emblems on her as possible. Take them off falcon, and you won’t regret it. You still will be able to use falcon for Titans and tournaments just fine.


You’re not really disagreeing with me, though, you’re just prioritizing differently.

Falcon doesn’t necessarily need Emblems to get by, but they do add benefit anywhere I use him — and because I use him literally in every aspect of the game, the cumulative value of those Emblems is worth keeping them in place.

I wouldn’t get more use out of the Emblems on Telluria than I am on Falcon, and Telluria has higher base stats to begin with, so I get more overall balance in my roster having Emblems on Falcon.

You have a different roster, and different priorities, so the value of the Emblems on Falcon is lower to you.

There isn’t really a right answer to this question, it’s just a matter of deciding where you personally get the most use out of the Emblems.


Appreciate your detailed replies @zephyr1. Thank you.

Also, you’re incredibly diplomatic. :slight_smile:


I know, And it was mostly just poking fun. I think most of the answers here are “right” pending circumstance.


Yeah bud, reading through the replies I’m leaning heavily that you keep the emblems on falcon. If you had 25+ 5* maxed and rolling top 100 I’d suggest different. You don’t need your Telly super strong yet and you will get plenty of use from falcon in wars, titan attacks , raid tourneys and 4* events.


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