Telluria or Lianna?

I know, I know. Telluria is the queen (yes, I think it’s a she), but I lean towarda Lianna because I have a maxed Heimdall, and he stands as my tank on my defence team and in wars. I do have Liannas costume aswell.

Still, should I bother to change from Heimdall to Telluria, and move the emblems? I concider them equal, but I would like to hear some other opinions before I decide.

Other maxed 5* I got:
Guardian Panther
Red Hood
Joon w/costume

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It’s a difficult decision. But honestly Telluria would be better played with Vela flanking her

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U kill 1 enemy with lianna but u kill entire team with telluria


The mix between Telluria and Vela is superb. Unfortunately I haven’t Vela yet, hahaha

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Telluria is the best tank in the game, so I personally think Telluria > Heimdall.

Lianna is a superb sniper, still one of the best in the game. But I don’t think I’d move Ranger emblems off Seshat for Lianna (assuming they’re on Seshat – if they’re not, put them on her, that’s how good Seshat is).

So I’d go with Telluria first and then Lianna.


This one is tough, as Heimdal is a great tank and Telluria would bring a relatively modest improvement as a replacement on D. That being said, I think she will also be a valuable asset on offense as well, and you are somewhat better stocked with snipers than healers.

Lianna is excellent with the costume bonuses and if you had Eve I might lean toward her to run in a stack with Kingston, but as it stands I think she brings less to the table. She is, however, nice to have on titans and it’s very nice to have her available for bot ranger and cleric class quests.

both! First Telluria, then Lianna


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