Aegir or Telluria

Hello! I was just hoping that I could have some advice on whether I should keep my paladin emblems on Aegir or should I rather, transfer them to Telluria? Also Whilst I am here, should I ascend Kingston 3.70 or Telluria 3.70?? Thank you!a

How do you use all those heroes you listed (offense, defense, tank, other?). Also, what’s the rest of your team look like?

Telluria is a better paladin than Aegir, she is the most powerful tank of the moment and she is equally useful as Kingston on attacks.

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I currently have a defense team of Atomos 4.80, Black Knight +4, Aegir +4, Seshat +4, and Wukong +20

I am not too impressed with Atomos in all honesty. He is a very situational hero. I am defintely happy with Aegir for the most part and his spirit link combined with BK berserker stacks damage very nicely. Throw Wukong’s gamnler stance in there while Aegir buff is up, practically can fully heal an attacking hero.

@FraVit93 So you are suggesting Ascending Telluria and swapping emblems?? Correct?

Yes, I did the same when I got my first Telluria, now I’m debating if I should ascend the second one I got or if I should try to get another green hero in the future instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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I actually have a second ome as well! Only 1.1 but i definitely think she would be a good dupe to have!

That’s good to hear! My leveled greens are Tarlak, Lianna, Gregorion, Evelyn and Telluria.
If I had Kingston I would ascend him ahead of another Telluria but at the moment I only have her and the forgotten ones (Horghall x3, Elkanen x1) as other green 5*, so if I were to reach 12 tonics while not finding better heroes I’ll would be likely to ascend another Telluria :slight_smile:

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In my honest opinion, I would reset Aegir and put the emblems on Telluria- 100% and you will not be disappointed.
And yes Telluria is one of those heroes for which it won’t hurt to have a duplicate

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@JGE I think that I am going to do just that. I also think I am going to work on Vela next. I think she would do very well as a flank to Telluira. I need to figure out what I am going to do about the rest of my formation. As is, it is definitely reliant on Aegir as a tank.

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Yes @JarJar - work on Vela next and use her to flank Telluria… now that really is a deadly duo.
Good luck

Geez. I must sound like an oddball. But with that set of aegir, BK, sesh, atomos and wu… I think I’d go Kingston over telluria.

Do I think telly is better than Kingston? Yes, I do. But, aegir is a viable tank at the moment and you’re lacking fire power (assuming, without knowing your full roster) which Kingston would add.

Does your alliance run a unified tank color? If so, are there talks of switching to green?

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@Math4lyfe At the moment we don’t have a unified tank color, although there is talk about that. Anyways that is exactly how I feel about the current lineup. My initial intention was Kingston, because I was missing firepower, but then I fought a Telluria tank and I must say, the Mana control reeked so much havoc, than it made me reconsider. Either way, Kingston is getting ascended, but now I am at a crossroads again…