Gems earnt per month - rough calcs

It’s july 5th already but I’ll start keeping track of all gems earnt during this month.

@FrenziedEye and yes, you probably wont have enough gems for that HOTM. Ftp will never have enough gems for summons :confused:

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My best indicator has been the Emblem sales: 175 gems for 10 emblems, or 350 gems for 20 emblems. This occurs every 10 days, and i was able to sustain purchasing 20 emblems for 350 gems using only free gems. Therefore, i use my baseline of 350 gems every 10 days, or roughly 1000 gems per month.

Maybe i’m a bit above average, as i will wait 20-30 minutes before falling asleep to watch a mystic vision, or finish a monster chest.


This is taken from my tracking sheet. Included on the sheet are titan loot and all possible chests.

My alliance kills all titans so titan loot and chests will be paying gems at a more frequent rate than most players, and they are the two highest paying sources of daily gems, but the missing data from war victories and mystic vision that I do not track should offset that. (I’m not sure that raid tournament loot contains gems but I can’t really remember, it isn’t on the loot tier list though)

So I would say your calcs are pretty good.
I complete 1.71 raid chests per day and 1.35 monster chests. I don’t spend to reopen monster chest, and raid chest gets opened at 4 or 5 gem cost, in terms of daily expenditure.


I’m also fairly sure you get gems from escaped titans, if you are factoring a 0 for escapes into your working. Maybe wrong on that though.

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Thanks @MantisToboggan, I’m not at my desk atm but will factor in yours and @Garanwyn’s feedback when I get the spreadsheet back up :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback so far all


Depends on your grade, I believe. I’m pretty sure Tier 1 gives zero gems.


Weird as I collect 800 gems (1.9 monster chests and 1.6 raid chests a day) a month not counting the VIP and invite bonus.

The gems quest should have been 10+18 a week = 112 a month

Elemental chest averaging 30/chest, average 3 chests a month give 90 instead of 20

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Thanks @yelnats_24, much appreciated.

I would say you are above average in terms of activeness because that’s quite a lot of chests.

I wanted to figure out a worst case scenario as opposed to best case so assumed 10

And I assumed the gems quest comes up less frequently to be conservative


I assumed the normal case scenario :grin:


What was the saying, “Hope for the best, be ready for the worst”?


As promised, I record the Collect Gems I & II appearance:

Collect Gems I Days Passed
9-Jan-20 -
22-Jan-20 13
26-Jan-20 4
4-Feb-20 9
Average 8.67
Collect Gems II Days Passed
8-Jan-20 -
12-Jan-20 4
16-Jan-20 4
29-Jan-20 13
Average 7.00

It is closer to every week (7 days) than every other week. I will keep recording their appearance so I can get more accurate numbers.

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Thanks, my numbers are probably too conservative as some have pointed out

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I have tracked my gems for the last 30 days, not counting the unrenewable source such as missions (level your stronghold to level 25, etc), I got 1139 gems (no buying, no VIP, no valor pass). Of course that number is boosted by 150 gems from newly implemented POV, but without that, it still 989, above the 800 gems/month I previously said:

Here is the summary of 30 days tracking:

Source Quantity Number Average
Raid Chest 238 51 4.67
Monster Chest 118 53 2.23
Titan Chest 20 5 4.00
Elemental Chest 170 5 34.00
War Chest 5 1 5.00
Titan Loot 137 24 5.71
Titan Loot (E) 12 7 1.71
War Loot 12 4 3.00
War Loot (L) 0 4 0.00
Mystic Vision 163 75 2.17
Level Up 20 2 10.00
Collect Gems I 40 4 10.00
Collect Gems II 54 3 18.00
Path of Valor 150 1 150.00
Total Gems 1139
Days 30
Gems/Day 37.97
Click Here for Gem Details
Date Source Quantity
13-Jan-20 War Loot 5
13-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
13-Jan-20 Collect Gems II 3
13-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
13-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
13-Jan-20 Collect Gems II 6
13-Jan-20 Titan Loot 3
13-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 10
13-Jan-20 Collect Gems II 9
13-Jan-20 Raid Chest 10
13-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
14-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
14-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
14-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
14-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
14-Jan-20 Titan Chest 3
14-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
14-Jan-20 Raid Chest 10
14-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
15-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
15-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
15-Jan-20 Raid Chest 10
15-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
15-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
15-Jan-20 Monster Chest 5
15-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
16-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
16-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
16-Jan-20 Elemental Chest 50
16-Jan-20 Titan Loot 3
16-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
16-Jan-20 War Loot (L) 0
16-Jan-20 Collect Gems II 3
16-Jan-20 Raid Chest 5
16-Jan-20 Collect Gems II 6
16-Jan-20 Collect Gems II 9
16-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
17-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
17-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
17-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
17-Jan-20 Titan Loot (E) 3
17-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
17-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
17-Jan-20 Monster Chest 3
17-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
18-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 10
18-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
18-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
18-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
18-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
18-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
18-Jan-20 Monster Chest 5
19-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
19-Jan-20 Raid Chest 10
19-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
19-Jan-20 Titan Loot (E) 3
19-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
19-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 5
19-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
19-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
20-Jan-20 War Loot (L) 0
20-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
20-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
20-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
20-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
20-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
20-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
21-Jan-20 Elemental Chest 30
21-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
21-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
21-Jan-20 Titan Chest 5
21-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
21-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
21-Jan-20 Raid Chest 5
21-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
21-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
22-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
22-Jan-20 Titan Loot (E) 3
22-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
22-Jan-20 Collect Gems I 1
22-Jan-20 Collect Gems I 3
22-Jan-20 Collect Gems I 6
22-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
22-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
22-Jan-20 Raid Chest 10
22-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
23-Jan-20 Monster Chest 3
23-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
23-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
23-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
23-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
23-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
23-Jan-20 War Loot 3
23-Jan-20 Raid Chest 5
24-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
24-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
24-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
24-Jan-20 Raid Chest 5
24-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
24-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
24-Jan-20 Titan Loot 10
24-Jan-20 Raid Chest 5
25-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
25-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
25-Jan-20 Level Up 10
25-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
25-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
25-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
25-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 5
25-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
26-Jan-20 Raid Chest 10
26-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
26-Jan-20 Elemental Chest 30
26-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
26-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
26-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
26-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
26-Jan-20 Titan Chest 2
27-Jan-20 War Loot 2
27-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
27-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
27-Jan-20 Collect Gems I 1
27-Jan-20 Collect Gems I 3
27-Jan-20 Collect Gems I 6
27-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
27-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 5
27-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
27-Jan-20 Raid Chest 5
28-Jan-20 Titan Loot (E) 0
28-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
28-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
28-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
28-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
28-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
28-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
28-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
28-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
29-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
29-Jan-20 Monster Chest 5
29-Jan-20 Raid Chest 10
29-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
29-Jan-20 Titan Loot 10
29-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
29-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
29-Jan-20 Collect Gems II 3
29-Jan-20 Collect Gems II 6
30-Jan-20 Collect Gems II 9
30-Jan-20 Raid Chest 5
30-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 5
30-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
30-Jan-20 War Loot (L) 0
30-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 1
30-Jan-20 Raid Chest 5
30-Jan-20 Titan Loot 5
30-Jan-20 Monster Chest 1
31-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 2
31-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
31-Jan-20 Monster Chest 2
31-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 3
31-Jan-20 Titan Loot (E) 0
31-Jan-20 Mystic Vision 5
31-Jan-20 Raid Chest 3
1-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
1-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 2
1-Feb-20 Monster Chest 5
1-Feb-20 Raid Chest 10
1-Feb-20 Titan Loot 5
1-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 2
1-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
2-Feb-20 Monster Chest 3
2-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
2-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 3
2-Feb-20 Titan Loot 10
2-Feb-20 Titan Chest 5
2-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
2-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
2-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
3-Feb-20 War Loot (L) 0
3-Feb-20 Raid Chest 2
3-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 3
3-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
3-Feb-20 Titan Loot 5
3-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
3-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
3-Feb-20 Monster Chest 3
3-Feb-20 Path of Valor 50
3-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 2
4-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
4-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
4-Feb-20 Raid Chest 5
4-Feb-20 Titan Loot (E) 0
4-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 2
4-Feb-20 Elemental Chest 30
4-Feb-20 Raid Chest 5
4-Feb-20 Collect Gems I 1
4-Feb-20 Collect Gems I 3
5-Feb-20 Collect Gems I 6
5-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 2
5-Feb-20 Titan Loot 3
5-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
5-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
5-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
5-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
5-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
6-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
6-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 3
6-Feb-20 Monster Chest 3
6-Feb-20 Titan Loot 5
6-Feb-20 War Loot 2
6-Feb-20 War Chest 5
6-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
6-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
6-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
7-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
7-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
7-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
7-Feb-20 Titan Loot 5
7-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
7-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
7-Feb-20 Raid Chest 5
8-Feb-20 Monster Chest 3
8-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 3
8-Feb-20 Titan Loot 3
8-Feb-20 Titan Chest 5
8-Feb-20 Raid Chest 5
8-Feb-20 Monster Chest 5
8-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
8-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
9-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
9-Feb-20 Level Up 10
9-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 2
9-Feb-20 Titan Loot 10
9-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 3
9-Feb-20 Raid Chest 5
9-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
10-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
10-Feb-20 Monster Chest 2
10-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
10-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1
10-Feb-20 Titan Loot (E) 3
10-Feb-20 Elemental Chest 30
10-Feb-20 Raid Chest 5
10-Feb-20 Path of Valor 100
10-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 2
11-Feb-20 Monster Chest 3
11-Feb-20 Raid Chest 3
11-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 2
11-Feb-20 Titan Loot 10
11-Feb-20 Monster Chest 5
11-Feb-20 Collect Gems I 1
11-Feb-20 Collect Gems I 3
11-Feb-20 Collect Gems I 6
11-Feb-20 Raid Chest 5
11-Feb-20 Mystic Vision 1

The gems from raid (diamond league) and monster chests is 238 + 118 = 356, in line with 360 gems I previously said.

I neglected to count gems from escaped titans before and it turn out that from titab loot, I got 137 + 12 = 149 instead of just 120.

The gems from mystic visions turn out to be 164 instead if just 120. While I have many mystiv visions with only 1 gem, there are also MV which have 2/3/5/10 gems.

Collect Gems quests seems to be slightly less frequent than once a week thus I only get 40 + 54 = 94 instead of 112.

I got very lucky with 5 elemental chests in the last 30 days which net me 170 gems instead of just 90.

The staff have said that POV have 50 days durations and 10 days between each. That means the 150 gems is for 60 days. So in 30 days period, the average gems is 75.

Forum research showed that for active players, elemental chest usually appear every 10 days. @ierazo research also indicate that the average gems of elemental chests is 33.68, which means normally an active playes will get 3 × 33.68 = 101 gems per 30 days from elemental chests.

Using those two adjustment, my 1139 gems will be down to 1139 - (150 -75) - (170 - 101) = 1139 - 75 - 69 = 995 gems/month. Still higher than 800 gems/month I expected.


I would like to add the following, using my data from 267 monster chests the average of gems obtained was 2.476 (nearly 2.5). Similarly, for Raid chests (diamond) and 223 chests, it was 4.265 gems. mystic visions (sample size of 318) was 1.78 gems. (data is actually here

An active player opening 2 raid and 2 monsters chests per day, plus 2 mystic visions should get around 17 gems per day from this sources alone, based on that data (and substract 1-2 gems a day to sustain the overall 2 and 2 chests by accelerating some of them), so a net gain of 15 gems a day.

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My gems/day from those 3 sources is just slightly above 17 (no accelerating chest). Just around 60 gems difference per month from 15 per day.

If I use the adjusted 995 gems in 30 days (33 gems per day after reducing the gems from elemental chests and POV), that means another sources can reach 16 gems/day (titan, war, quest, level up, elemental, and POV).

I forgot to mention that the titan star is mostly 10-11* with 1 or 2 times 12*.

There is a special thread about this:

Are you sure? I never saw an MV/MC/RC without gem… the minimum is 1 gem.

I am looking forward to it :+1:

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@Ozy1 for what is worth, I have tracked over 400 Mystic visions and all of them have at least 1 gem… five times I got 10 !


I believe quests like this are just waist of WE :thinking:

I would love gem quest to appear daily.

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I agree, I do all of them, I’m C2P and I’m collecting every single gem… :slight_smile:
I don’t agree that it is waste of WE.

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