Maximizing Summons as a C2P - F2P

Hi there, yesterday we had a convo at alliance Helios (if you’r looking for a good one, this is definitely a top candidate) with @lightsmessenger and debating a little about where to summon in the next few months as a C2P-F2P.
Just looking into the heroes stats, I find that the worst value/ summon is given by the Event Heroes, and I will explain why with the following picture:

I decided to compare stats for 2 colors (arbitrarily Black-Yellow) and picked some of the heroes for events, season 2, costumes and the upcoming season 3 (info at Early Info Heroes S3 ).

As you can see, Season 3 heroes beast S2 in Stats (look Poseidon-Norns , Freya-Ursena) and usually the same for events heroes. This happens in 4* and 5*. In fact, the ones that seem closer to S3 power (again, based in stats) are costumes.

Now, considering bonuses, the “Realm bonuses” for S3 seem way more powerful than the ones for S2 and WAY MORE than events. This is because event heroes are just a tiny bit so it is even harder to fill up a good team with them. The costume mana bonus seems to be more consistent but less powerful, but considering troops, it may actually be better than event bonuses because of allowing to reduce tiles in 3-2, 4-1 or mono attack teams, even with low level troops.

Finally, we need to add the $ perspective. Event heroes at a 5* level can only be achieved with a 1% probability, atlantis heroes 1.3%, but costume heroes 2.5%. This means, if you are only doing a small number of summons, it may be easier to be disappointed with event summons, as the most probable outcome is getting no good S1 heroes. Atlantis gives a better return, and costumes even better, as all results are costumes that have good stats and more versatility because of two sets of powers and 2 classes to use in trials, besides the fact that in case of getting duplicates it allows to save a lot of feeders and ham.

Considering all of what I stated, I would avoid seriously pulling in events, particularly if F2P or C2P. I would only use challenge coins to get the 3* or Guardian Jackal and Guardian Falcon (essential for titans, only good event summon for C2P and F2P).
I suggest pulling in atlantis until getting the essential heroes (Wilbur and proteus), and pulling in costumes, because of the higher rate of non disappointing 5*, and better 4*, 3* with more versatility.

Finally, it must be said that this is a non-comprehensive guide, and stats are not everything for heroes, usually synergy is way more important, just as the complimentarity and power of the special skills. Everybody should look at their roster in order to decide what is best for them. Finally, the highest % probability for a specific 5* is the HOTM, so I would suggest to make summons considering that as a main feature. For future information about that you should look at the beta beats.
Best, ierazo


Remember all s 3 heroes are still in beta and subject to change :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Yes, that is great reminder!! But this analysis is just something to keep in mind!
I wanted to summon now in Avalon, but I guess I will only use my challenge coins (saving for S3 and pulling a 10 in costumes!)

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Thanks for the post, @ierazo!

First, yes, if you are looking for a good alliance to join, Helios is a good choice!

Second, I have been thinking of saving my gems for season 3. As a f2p, I have to play with my gems very carefully. Summoning in costume chamber also sounds good.


Agreed. I had a disappointing Guardians, though I did come away with Vela and another needed S1 4* hero, but neither of the desired 4* Guardians. But then after getting Wilbur last month, I managed to get Proteus this month to complete the essentials from Atlantis. So at this point, I’m saving gems for S3 and will only pull elsewhere through coins, keys, or tokens.

This is coming from a VC2P perspective.

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Thanks for putting this table together and crunching some numbers.

As a C2P, this resonates very much with my own experience, although I have been very lucky with event 5*, having pulled Red Hood, Owl and Lady of the Lake.

I used to buy enough offers to do two 10-pulls a month, one at the event and the other during Atlantis, but with the introduction of costumes and PoV that had to change. This is a great help to decide where and how much to spend!

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Now that the first S3 heroes are released, how does that change your recommendations for C2P/F2P in regards to spending gems, if at all?

From S3 Heros to do pulls we have the possibility to take HOTH of the Month?Example Telluria?

Yes, the HOTM probability is the same as in other summons.

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