Atlantis or Season 3: Where to spend gems

If an FTP like myself has no Atlantis 5* (but a few Atlantis 4*) and is hoarding gems, and based on the previews of S3 heroes we have seen, should we spend our gems on Atlantis or Season 3?

Which option has better 5* heroes?

In your learned opinion

Thanks all

As someone who cannot get an Atlantis 5 no matter how hard I try, I say wait for season 3.


What abount Avalon? Guin, BK, Arthus, Morgan?

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I’ve tried several times, no luck. It is my favourite event though for 5*. Just can’t even snag one

I would expect the summons odds to be the same in season 3 as they are in season 2.

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Spending my coins during Avalon plus a few gem pulls, after that nothing until Season 3 except for any additional coin pulls.

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Aren’t the odds roughly the same for all events? I don’t struggle getting HOTMs, past and present, it’s just Atlantis and I’d rather try something new, than beating the same broken drum.


Ariel and ursena best from Atlantis also wilbur and proteus.

Guin BK Morgan lefay best of Avalon

Almost all season 3 looks good and hopefully drops next month with telluria as the HOTM, that’s what I’m hoping for, so saving all pulls till march. Sitting out Avalon will be tough.


I would wait for Season 3

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A version of the Valhalla Summons Gate has now entered beta with terrible odds with the disclaimer “these aren’t the final odds”.

As they’re not the final odds there is no point publishing them now but based on what we’ve seen so far I would anticipate the following:

  1. The odds will not be the same as we had for Season 2 - if they were it would have been a simple matter of copy and pasting them with a small adjustment for featured odds if there will be less of them - than stuffing in other numbers. The general trend has been for newer heroes to get more expensive in terms of average costs to net them (either by increasing gems costs to pull - doesn’t appear this will happen this time) or making the odds themselves worse.

  2. Based on the speed at which iterations are going through Beta, changes to Atlantis Rises schedule and a few other factors I wouldn’t be surprised if the first set of Season 3 stages is launched later this month.

  3. If we haven’t had an opportunity to test the actual final summoning odds for the gate in beta before it is released I personally doubt I would trust them - whether I elaborate further on this point or not depends on whether we do eventually get to test the final odds or not.

  4. A concern for FTP and C2P to consider especially with the free coins is that this time 3* and 4* heroes are being held back for future waves of releases as well as some 5* heroes. This means you now have the dilemma of whether to use your free coins earlier or sit on them until all 3* and 4* heroes are available.

This may not seem much but let’s imagine Season 2 had been done the same way with the following three batches being added:

Season 2 Batch 1: Tarlak, Misandra, Mok-Arr, Agwe, Sumitomo and Gaderius
Season 2 Batch 2: Kageburado, Inari, Mitsuko, Gobbler, Ameonna and Triton
Season 2 Batch 3: Ariel, Poseidon, Atomos, Ursena, Wilbur, Danzaburo and Proteus

If you had been spending your Atlantis Coins as you got them then you will have spent 2/3rds of the coins you can freely get from map levels by the time the best 4* heroes in Wilbur and Proteus got released and as such you then have much fewer opportunities to bag them as fewer coins remain.

Essentially either you have to sit out Season 3 as long as you can to not potentially give yourself better chances at later heroes being released (and trust me the one 4* hero we saw from a future batch Fura is a lot better than the 4* of the same colour coming in this current batch) or spend them now and hope you still have enough coins left over for the later releases.

I’m not factoring Season 3 5* heroes as frankly even with every single coin I got from Atlantis Levels I only ever pulled a Thorne with the Atlantis Coins (all Season 2 5* I got I did with paid for gems) so I wouldn’t personally plan around the 5* as the odds are too low to pragmatically do so.


Saving all mine to not get Gravemaker later on lol

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Agree. My alliance awaiting for 3 season and collecting gems

Correct me if I’m wrong, but after new adjustments odds are on par with with Atlantis right? Would you say now it’s worth summoning Valhalla?

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