Best Summoning Strategy

What would be the best way to use gems for heroes summoning? Considering you have normal summon, Atlantis summon, Valhalla summon, costumes summon, event summon…

For instance, I’d consider one of the following two options as the best:

A) 1 10x Atlantis/Valhalla summon + 1 10x Costumes summon


B) 1 30x Atlantis/Valhalla summon

I think A would be cheaper and with some more gems you could do 1 30x + 1 10x. Not sure, though.

Or maybe you have other options that would be even better.

This is always thinking on getting 5* heroes and maybe some 4*.

Guardians, Valhalla, Costumes in that order.

10x each


No love for Atlantis heroes?

I’d go guardians, Atlantis, costumes.


I’m thinking that (despite the staples of Wilbur, Proteus) the “new” meta of s3 heroes is more enticing and with certain heroes you’ll find some more novelty.

Either way, you can’t go wrong because you can’t guarantee you’ll get anything either way. I will say I lean toward preference of s3 3* over s2 3*


Valhalla has been surprisingly generous to me… gave me 3 legendaries only on coins… Moreover, some of these Valhalla heroes are a couple of notches above S1 and many S2 heroes.

So, I am going to say Valhalla first.

Then, Atlantis - because you need your Wilbur and Proteus (assuming you don’t have them already)

Then Costumes - to make your S1 heroes better

Then Guardians - for the elemental heroes

Then, if you still want one more option, Avalon.

That’s my order of preference.

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Agreed. And I think eventually, the realm bonuses will become a pain in the a@@.

But tarlak, ursena… great for titans. Poseidon and kage… still stellar attackers. Ariel, one of the best healers… And let’s not forget how instrumental mitz has been in the age of telluria. :woman_shrugging:

If only Atlantis portal would give me one of those… over 150 Atlantis summons, no S2 5* :frowning_face:

S3 hates me, too. At least Atlantis portal gives me S2 4* :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Valhalla has good bang for the buck, though. Even some amazing 3*. I should know, I have all of them :rofl:


All good points, but with the abysmal odds, I think that the best course is to suggest/plan for drawing 3/4* from any portal.

This would then allow the person to easily set their expectations.

Obviously, Ariel is in the discussion for one of the top 3 heroes in the game. I just don’t want to tell people to pull on the ‘chance’ that they’ll get a 5*

But you are right. The atlantis heroes are pretty useful.
Of those, I have Tarlak, Inari, Misandra and Ariel.


Funny… those are all ones I don’t have. :roll_eyes:


Seems that a good idea would be to go Atlantis and Valhalla first (in any order), and then go to costumes/event heroes.

I’ve had very bad luck with Atlantis xD none 5* or 4* heroes until now, only 3*.

Thank you for the feedback, guys.


I would do atlantis since all the heroes are out. S3 still has some heroes to be released so in the future it will be key.

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I agree that S3 wins on 3*, but OP is talking about aiming at 4’s and possibly 5’s.

I see plenty of niche in S3 4*/5* - stuff to keep established/deep benches interested, but not necessarily as useful as the staples for developing benches.

Does any S3 hero change the game for a player without 5’s like Wilbur or Proteus does?! IMHO, no.


So Atlantis would be more important than Valhalla as things are now, considering Valhalla still has unreleased heroes, and there are no gamechangers as important as some from Atlantis.

That’s interesting :slight_smile:

I agree. Wilbur and Proteus. Their impact to the current meta is still yet to be matched by Season 3 heroes, until the end of the year when Season 3 concludes and all heroes are released.

Thus, Atlantis is the best portal to summon good heroes and gain ascension item every 10th summon. They have been good to me. From that portal, I was able to get Ares, Alberich, 1st GM, Athena, and Kunchen as past HOTMs featured, apart from Kageburado, Poseidon, Ariel x2, Mitsuko x 3, Inari, and Atomos, and other S1 heroes. I only need 2 more: Tarlak and Ursena. I will summon in the Valhalla gates only once all heroes are already available for summoning as getting dupes of them summoning every month repeatedly is PITA. After Atlantis, I would prefer getting the elemental defense debuffer heroes like Jackal, Falcon and Panther, including Gazelle, from Teltoc. After Teltoc, I think the next best would be Avalon (BK, LotL, KA, etc.). Wonderland is also cool since White Rabbit, Alice and Jabba are cool heroes.

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Nordri and Almur are very good S3 heroes. (Kvasir too while we are including 3* heroes). :slight_smile:

Nordri especially. That little guy has become an integral part of my mono-blue team.


Sure… But elemental debuffers, as good as they are, won’t transform completion the way Wilbur and Proteus will.

Great for titan scores sure, but you’re part of a team there - unless everyone knows what to do, you’re either carrying people or locked at a certain level of titan anyway.


Mist and Brynhild are excellent support heroes. (Probably, the best 4* in that department)

But, I see where you’re coming from with Proteus as an example. He can win a battle single-handedly.

No doubt Proteus and Wilbur are undoubtedly among the best. Mist and Brynhild (even Nordri and Almur) are good at supporting the other heroes who in turn win the battle. So, yes - I think you’re right in saying S2 should be given a higher preference to S3… at least by the new players, I believe. :slight_smile:

(I am also tempted to pointed out Sif and Heimdall. They are top-class support heroes themselves. Even Freya. But since the argument is limited to non-legendary heroes, I concede. :slight_smile:)


Whatever you do, don’t spend money on gems or anything else.


“Whatever you do?”

How about:

"I wouldn’t recommend buying gems. The odds of successful pulls are so low, it can get really expensive and frustrating. We’re trying to get a movement together to force SG to alter the odds of success and not buying gems is our main way of protest. You could read about it here: [INSERT LINK].

But if you are in a hurry and have money to burn, then that’s your choice. Good luck!"

All that, but whatever you do, don’t spend any money on SGG games.

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