Looking for some help

Love some help with my defensive team setup

I have :
5* Quintus, Drake fang, Magni, Elkanen(x2), Gravemaker(x3), G Kong, Elena(2), Marjana ( need to finish lvling)

4* Blue -Sonya(maxed), Grimm(maxed), Kiril, and Boril
Purple -Rigard(maxed), Cyprian, Jabbar, Boomer, Merlin, Sabina(maxed) and Tiburtus
Yellow- G Jackal(maxed), Hu Tao, Wu Kong, Gretel, Chao and Li Xiu
Green- Hansel, Melendor, Peters, Caedmon, Kashrek, Skittleskill, Little John
Red- Colen, G Falcon, Kelile, Gormek and Scarlett

Any help would be useful

What kind of levels/ascension are your other 5*s?

Also I see you have 4* troops in red, yellow, and green; do you have any in blue or purple?


Rest of the 5* are still lvl1 default

I personally would work on gravemaker and Magni

4* I’d be working Wu Kong (max if you only have 4 orbs) and Hansel.

A max 4* is, generally speaking, always going to be more useful than a 3-70 5*.

I don’t think Wu best defender.

Gravemaker and Magni added to Delilah and Alby leaves Quintus if a rainbow team is the aim.

You’re absolutely right…Wu is a horrible defender. If its defence only you are interested in then I apologise.
However if you don’t have a maxed Wu or Hansel on your roster then you are severely missing out on Titan and all other attacks.


Defense is greatly over-rated. Hitting bigger titans harder is how one gets more ascension materials in this game, so building strong heroes for titan attacks should be the top priority for any starting player.

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what would be defensive setup if i use magni and gravemaker?

left to right: Alberich, Delilah, Gravemaker, Magni , Lianna? or a different order

always been told the center hero should be the one with most HP

Delilah tank, flanked by 2 gravemakers, left wing alberich, right wing lianna. It’s a hard hitting team with two healers and rocking double red/green with a yellow tank makes it tricky for an attacker to optimize their team. If they stack purple to kill tank, they’re gonna have nightmares about the rest of your team. If they stack blue, it’s ineffective against green and so on.

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I don’t like using Magni for defense until he’s maxed (he’s for Atk for me). If goes without saying that all of these will do better maxed than not.

Yes Alberich in the upper left corner; you want him to Fire first. Delilah next is fine. Gravemaker in the center is fine. [Magni or another hero next.] Liana last.

I like @Sweg’s line up above better though. :slight_smile:

And I think Wu Kong is actually quite good on defense. It turns normal attacks into special attacks. Yeah some of them will miss but the ones that hit go HARD plus if you’re using gravemakers he has AOE special anyways.

All the help really been useful I have so many 5* red heroes, probably need to rank other gravemaker after I finish current one

Get the red mana troop (the level 2 lady) up to level 11! If you think Gravemaker is good now, just wait until you’ve got that troop up to L11. At that point, it only takes 6 tiles to charge him, which equals a ghosted match-3.

i can’t farm troops fast enough even just doing 8-7 since limiting factor is energy unless there a better place to farm troops

Troops or recruits? 8-7 is the best recruit/flag ratio.