Team help plse

Hello, im unsure of which is my best team for att, def, raid, war etc. Some advice would be good.
My heroes…
Anzogh 2.60 Red
King arthur 2.60 Blue
Obakan 2.38 Dark
Joon 2.60 Holy
Richard 2.20 Blue
Anzogh 1.01

Cyprian 3.23 Dark
Sumitomo 2.28 Red
Boril 3.28 Blue
Kashhrek 2.12 Green
Wu kong 1.40 Holy
Proteus 1.30 Dark
Danzaburo 1.11 Holy
Little john 1.14 Green
Kelile 1.11 Red
Skittleskull 1.04 Green
Boldtusk 1.07 Red
Agwe 1.01 Blue
Kiril 1.01 Blue
Gaderius 1.01 Green
Sonya 1.01 Blue
Belith 3.50 (talent grid 3)
Bane 3.50 TG 2


I would definitely focus on 4* before the 5*, you have a lot of good 4* that will eventually help you to get ascension materials for the future.

Bold tusk and Wu, for sure are priorities.

Bold tusk is useful anywhere, and wu can really be helpful for titans.

Proteus is good, for his mana freeze, Cyprian and boril for riposte/counterattack, sonya good for attack and debuffs, and kiril or kashrek for healing.

For hitters I like little john even tho he’s slow he packs a punch, Sumitomo, Kelile. Gadeirus hits as well as increases attack and heals.

It’s not always the specific heroes, but how they work together and where you place them in your team that can make the difference.

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Do 4* team first

Wu / Proteus / BT / Sonya / LJ

If you have spare mats - Kiril and Cyprian

Both your 3* are solid heroes so definitely keepers.

When you have the sufficient mats for your 5*, please ask again as I am sure your roster will be different by that time.

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