Close to completing three 3* teams, need advice on 4*'s to feed!

So I am pretty close to having 3 fully leveled 3* teams and now I’m on to making my first 4* team. From what I can gather from the forums Wu Kong will prob be on the team and as such I’ve started to level him. Some of the other 4* & 5* you see that have been leveled were either before I started to level just the 3* teams or from wanting to have 5 star heroes(until realizing just how much time/energy goes into 5*)

I have only been color feeding to this point and it’s getting harder as I cannot usually save 10 heroes of any one element as my Hero Capacity fills quickly. I do realize I might have some heroes not worth saving and could eat them to make room, please let me know if you see any oblivious ones!

I understand some teams are better suited for titans, map, raids, etc., but am looking for an all around rainbow team for my first 4*. I’ll then prob start feeding one hero at a time to start subbing out for the different fights.

A possible rainbow team could be Triton BT Li Proteis Caedmon. I would take Wu as second yellow, important hero for titans but less versatile than Li.

If you are f2p or c2p, then you might want to continue same color feeding - your bench will grow faster. Possible to save gems for extra hero space or don’t wait until you have 10 at the same time. If a heros special don’t get maxed by the time it is maxed, you can keep feeding it until special increases. So feeding 10 at a time is not very important.

You might want to save emblems for your 4* and 5*.

I would suggest you build a bit of 4* bench before taking 5*, because they need much more feeders and rare non farmable ascension materials.

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Purple : Proteus/Rigard/Tiburtus
Yellow : Wu/Li
Blue : Kiril/Triton/Sonya/Boril
Green : Mel/Caedmon/LJ
Red : BT/Scarlet/Kelile/Colen

You have some great heroes to work on. You might want to bring 1 or 2 from each color to 3/60 before ascending them to 4th tier as it will give you more versatility.
The first team i suggest also lack firepower, with BT, Kiril and Mel being healer and Wu being a buffer. So you could up Caedmon first and Mel second.
Wu will help your titan score and, therefore, give higher chance at acquiring materials.
Proteus will be your best friend for a long time, so no hesitation there.
You have a long road of leveling ahead of you, but with your 4* bench, that is a great problem to have :hugs:
Have fun

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Thanks for the help SilverDragon and J1mau, but I am a little confused with the 3/60. Is 3/60 better than a 4/1? I was just unsure of why to not ascend if maxed?

3/60 is that level with no cost of ascension materials to ascend. it is a hero in arrested development…you can choose now or later to take them higher. :slight_smile:

Oh, copy that. Thanks!