Finally have the heroes to create a rainbow 4* team

I have Wu Kong, Kiril, Gormek, Cyprian and Buddy (I have no other 4* heroes). Wu is fully ascended and just need to finish leveling him. The rest are not all leveled yet, but I am working on them daily and just about have enough materials to fully ascend the rest.

I do have Aegir (Which I can not figure out how to use him?!?) and Leonidas which I got recently so have not done anything with him yet.

How best to position the above 4* for best defense and offense.

Thank you. :+1:


For offense you could put Kiril on a corner to shield him from most of the 3-target hits :wink:


Thank you! :+1:

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Switch Wu and Gormek. You want Gormek to lower defense before your hitters attack

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Wu-Kiiril-Cyprian-Buddy- Gormek

I dont like useing healers as tanks.

You can leave Wu where he is because Buddy and Gormek are your heavy hiters. :slight_smile:

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Buddy, Kiril, cyprian, Gormek, Wu Kong is probably the best defense arrangement. You want Wu to fire last to not mess up your hitters. Cyprian is an ok tank and you want Kiril up front to absorb tiles and charge faster so he heals and buffs more often. You want Gormek to fire after Kiril so he gets +30% attack as Gormek hits kind of weak. This gives you a decent frontline with Kiril, cyprian, Gormek as they’re all fairly tough.


Great insight, all!

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On def team wu gormek kiril cyprian buddy specials firem from left to right so if both Specials go off in the same round you csn profit from his debuff

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Hitters with Wu Kong’s gambler’s stance delivers OHKO.

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Even though this team is not fully leveled, I thought I’d try it out on a few revenge raids and an S1 level I have been stuck on for a while with my 3* team, just to see how the team worked.

LOL! That was fun! :smile:

SO nice not to die off so fast!

Wu turns normal attacks into special attacks. I see no reason why you’d need him to give your special attacks less accuracy. Especially when you want Gormek to lower enemy defense. Sucks if that misses, it lasts for 6 turns if it connects.

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Yes, attacks with increased +185% ATK that still have a miss chance: powerful but not deadly.
A special with +185% ATK if landed would kill and the 6 turns debuff would be pointless.

The -DEF is one of the many paths but a direct kill is a straight line to foe’s deaths.

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And again, THANK YOU!

This team has been really fun to use! :+1:

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Update, pulled a Merlin to add to the 4* mix! :open_mouth:

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