Start New Alliance *vs* Joining Another

Hello All,

I am new to the forums so if I should post this in another thread - correct me and thanks for the understanding.

My current alliance is struggling with even 3/4* titans and I really need higher level ones to ascend a hero. I started to think about creating my own, but this will put me worse off, at least at the start.

I am open to joining another alliance - but would like some feedback, thoughts, and suggestions from other players with more experience than myself.

I am in the US, have 1929 trophies (range 1900 - 2000) as I play raids often. Primary team is 3341.

Thank you - jojo

I’m not recruiting - and I’m sure you’ll be swamped with recruitment offers.

My advice would be to join a solid, active alliance where you could learn everything about the game before you start your own alliance and, perhaps you aren’t in a good position YET, to give the leadership that could benefit your new members.

It’s always easy down the road to start an alliance and you may even meet some players along the way that would like to join you!

Best of luck … Let the recruitment games begin :smile:


You will have a frenzy of offers shortly to join alliances. I certainly would join one that fits you and grow and learn before ever attempting to start one.

Ask yourself what type of player are you, active? casual? in-between?

Is growing your team more important, or are you wanting to strive for a top ranking in leaderboards.

Do you want rules regarding titans and alliance wars…for example : don’t use all your war hits equals a kick from alliance? Or are you ok with a “just hit if you want to” kind of atmosphere?

Ask questions here, and if you have Line or Discord, ask there as well.

Good luck in finding a home that fits you and that you enjoy! A good alliance is a treasure!


I agree with @princess1.

The alliance I belong to has some spots open. We’re active in wars and Titans. Currently we bounce between 7 and 8 stars. We’re pretty chill when it comes to real life obligations. All we ask is if you don’t wanna or can’t participate in wars is opt out and let us know if you can’t hit the Titan. If you have any questions, feel free to tag me and ask.


Thank you and understood. I play all the time and feel like I am waiting for energy to fill more often than not :slight_smile: I hate to say it but I have budgeted monthly funds to this ■■■■ game lol
I dont really want to join an alliance with a tons of requirements, not that I dont think I cant meet them, but this is for fun and life happens at times - I dont want to invest time into another alliance then get kicked because I had plans one day or something… - but again I play all the time. Right now I am mostly working on growing my team

Starting a new alliance from scratch is a fair bit of work. You’ll need to recruit a decent bunch of people to be able to take on bigger titans. If you don’t already have a group coming along with you, I agree with the others who’ve posted that you’d be better off joining an existing alliance.

Jumping from 3-4* titans to bigger ones will be a significant adjustment for you. You may want to pick an alliance working on something like 5-6* titans, and grow along with the rest of the alliance to take on bigger titans. If you go straight to something like 7-9* titans, it might be a bit overwhelming — although it helps that a C rank on a 7* is equivalent loot to an A+ on a 4*.


Good stuff. Again let me know if you feel like trying our alliance on for size.

(I’m leaving name out for now, as I don’t want to be that shameless in my plug. :wink:)

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This is good to keep in mind too, as different alliances have different vibes. Mine is laid back, for instance, we originally started it with a large group that came from another alliance, in part looking for a more relaxed and fun mindset about the game.

The good thing is if you try out an alliance and it’s not right for you, you can just politely say goodbye, and try another one until you find the right home.


We have no spot available in our team but would suggest you find another team with better progress for your needs.

We have no requirements just if logged in and we have a titan and you have flags hit it there are not so fussy alliances.

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If you are looking for an alliance that you would like to grow your team and be in a team that is as we put it ( family first) game second. Then you may like to check us out. We are Battle Toads Dynasty. You can look us up. We do have some requirements. But as long as you communicate if your going to be gone for a day or so it’s not a big deal. But we do communicate alot and we do try to structure our alliance to all work together. We do use line app for communicating as well just so we dont lose communication due to the in game chat only lasts so long. Just better to be able to look back on information that is shared between alliance members. Please check us out and see what you think. We are looking for active players. And it sounds like this one might work for you. Look us up and we would gladly accept your request.
Thank you and hope to hear from you soon
Had to add that we are a team that has been around for a little over a year and we hit 6* titans
And we have great wars. Our requirements are 600 trophys minimum.
And level of at least 20.


I would suggest to join another alliance instead of starting a new.

Running an alliance is much more work than the investment you put into normal participation. If you don’t recuit, talk with your people etc, then you can easily end up hitting smaller titans than today.

If you decide joining a new alliance, be open about your gamestyle with the leader and have a talk with him/her. Might take a few tries to find one that fits you, but that’s still much smaller time investment than running your own. Once you find a good fitting place, you can have a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

Indigo Tide has 3 spots open. We fight 8*-9* Titans regularly, war score of 300K+, coordinate our war efforts and we enjoy showing off our rosters and bantering using FB Messenger and group page.

Hit us up if you’re looking for a home.

Will second most of the other thoughts on here.

Starting an alliance is not easy and you need to make sure you have the experience to lead, can answer mechanic questions from alliance members, give credible advice on which heroes and setups to use, etc.

You don’t seem like you’re that far into the game yet so it definitely sounds like you need an existing alliance.

To find the right alliance for you, you’re going to need to decide what’s important for you.

  • Do you want one with an active LINE channel

  • One with coordinated War Plans(i.e everyone uses same tank, war hits are coordinated)

  • Do you want one where daily hits of titans are mandatory and your damage and progress is tracked?

  • Do you want one where your team lineups are evaluated and advice given without you taking offence?

  • Do you want one that is all about war victories and titan kills or one that is a bit more relaxed and has more of a social feel?

All of these will give the criteria you need to consider.

… Of course, you could just look up ‘The Cowboy Way’ in game and join us :smile:

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Thanks everyone for the comments and sharing views and info about this - I really appreciate it. Happy Titian slaying everyone :slight_smile:

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@Qwikening I sent an invite over feel free to share any other info - ty :slight_smile:

Hey @jojosvapes opening up a new alliance is very hard work and often demoralising when your starting on your own. If you have friends to start it off with that helps. If I was looking to join an alliance I look to see how many members are in the team and how long they have been in it.

If you are happy at starting from scratch with very new players then why not give it a try? Nothing ventured nothing gained after all!

If you are looking at progressing then you would be very welcome with us at The Byzantine Empire. We are a well established fast growing team who is friendly, chatty and I think we could be a good fit for you.

We are feasting on 8* titans and all our team members are very active. Check us out and see what you think. We would give you a warm welcome for sure, hope to see you onboard!

We refuse to use Mercs, what you see is that you get :-). Like other alliancebwe ask that you tonjust communication if you are going to be offline.

If you have any questions please do ask away!


@jojosvapes As a 3350 TP, which is kind of close to my own, I would say you should limit yourself to 6* titans… maybe 7* if you use Wu and feel lucky. Anything more than a 7* would definitely push you back into the B damage class, maybe even lower, which might be a bit frustrating after being used to A or A+ results… We are currently hitting 6* titans and I’m usually A or A+… On the other hand, starting my own alliance was a great idea and watching it grow from scratch to 70k score in 6 month was a great story. Only I was level 4 when I founded it, so most of us basicly grew together… Don’t know if now I would have the nerve and determination to start from scratch again… still, there’s nothing wrong with some honest recruiting, so I’ll say you might fit with us… by the way, I like the part about playing raids often. Raiding is the best part of the game.

@Ian487 My first TP is 3309 and I’m in a team smashing 8* so I think advising limits on what Titan you should aim for is slightly ill advised. It is down to the what hero’s you use against a particular coloured Titan and their special powers plus the luck of the board given to you during play - As well as your alliances team mates!

Also Rewards dshed out for Titan wins is not always better at the top the board. I have been first in our Titan leaderboard with over 200k from using a flask and levelling up and got peanuts reward. I am always in top 10 so was expecting g something big! We have a few never members just under 3k and they are often delighted with their rewards.

I wasn’t talking about smashing titans. I was talking about choosing the right alliance fit to your level or becoming alliance underdog… You might be in an alliance smashing 12* titans with a 3300 team… but your titan scores will be… well… not so good… using flasks and abusing battle items is not the right way to assess your anti titan capabilities, because that is not sustainable on the long run… On the other hand I only talk out of first hand experiences. My average titan team TP is higher than 3400 and I see for my self the difference between a 6* that we take down every day and a 7* that eludes us so far… I’m talking active alliance with 20+ daily titan hitters, top five hitters every day average damage (not including flasks or leveling) 100+k on 6* titans. All of this makes no difference. Against 7* titans average scores drop like hell, especially for the lower level players. That is because there is a gap between a 6* and a 7*'s defensive and offensive capabilities and weaker teams get smashed fast. So, I’m guessing 8* are even tougher…

My average Titans score without flasks and levelling up is 120k against 8* so again your theory is slightly out.

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