Starting a new alliance

I wanna start my own alliance however I know that players may not join because it will be brand can someone here assist me with getting it up

Best bet is first to decide why you want to start an alliance, and what your theme/goals will be. Do you want to climb to top 100 or be more casual? Do you want to do mandatory wars, optional wars, or opt out of wars entirely? What about titans? Do you have a lot of experience in the game to teach new players? Or do you want players who are already experienced?

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My aim in starting my own alliance is to further grow my game, I’d like it to have a mixture of experienced players and beginners however as I said I’m hesitant in starting it because it will a be new alliance which was why I came here to ask for assistance

Have you been playing long and been in other alliances? It’s a great learning experience to see how other alliances operate and what tips you can borrow or things to avoid.

I always say, the most important thing you can advertise about your alliance is what you have to offer potential recruits. It’s already a given that you want new players to help your alliance, but let them know why should they join yours!

yes I have been in a few alliances and learned from them

Then I suggest you follow @NPNKY advice and define what you want for your alliance, start it up and go recruiting.

Best of luck!

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It is a tough ride. It took me 4 months to get even 2 ppl to join. Us 3 grinded it up, I recruited, and never had ppl join. But they came in slowly. I eventually got to 25 ppl in 8 months, but alot of non players, missed flags, etc. I got 14 now, and most are solid. I got the casual ones not using all war flags to opt out, booted some who didnt listen, and now we compete in wars. It was annoying. Overall our titans range from 5-8* and we never killed the 8*. But we win alot of wars. Its tough.

EDIT: There was alot of random joins, who would play a week and never play again. Had to do alot of booting. Then alot who would stay for a few titans and leave.


That’s one of the things I’ve learned while being various alliances overall though life trumps the game therefore if one knows that they can’t participate in wars then don’t opt in furthermore if they aren’t active enough to hit the titan don’t join a nutshell I’d like a moderately active alliance as I know how to use the featured message option and the alliance description box as stated previously I’d just like a little assistance getting it off the ground


What kind of assistance do you need? What can we do to help?

Recuiting is one of the time consuming parts of running an alliance. You should think through why would you like to start a new alliance and decide if it is worth the extra time compared to finding an alliance that fits you.

If you want to start a new one, then next step is to set up what type of alliance you would like. Looks like you already have ideas on that. If so, then you are good to go. Recuitment happens on AR, forum, Line, Discord, FB, Reddit - but you might want to start with a smaller scope and a few arenas. Once you have a group of good co-leads you could extend.

Be clear with communicating what you offer and what you are looking for during recuitment - save time for yourself and the people. After recuitment, be consistent with applying the rules that is agreed/set up in the alliance.

I would also recommend to choose a name that is easy to find in alliance search - not some weird spelling and not something there is already 6000 of.

Good luck!

Alliance Recruiting advice is being discussed here today, might be worth a look @CarnageKing74

Alliance recruitment?

Do you have people in your current alliance that want the same thing you do? When I started my alliance it was because several people asked me to (leader was inactive) since I was the one posting the help and doing the cheerleading. We started with 14 players even though I had only expected six, this made the entire process MUCH easier since there was a solid core of like minded people.

Create a welcome message in a place you can copy and past it into the chat (careful b/c chat format is very basic). This will help weed out the jokers AND show you are proactive as well as ensuring that IF you have to boot someone, the entire alliance will know why.

If you are clear about what someone needs to do to remain in good standing you are a long way down the path of success. If people are unsure they will quickly go silent and you will lose some of the people you want to keep, negative self-selection.

Language does matter, someone that can’t communicate with you cannot know what you need. Make it clear what language you will be communicating in.

When you advertise/recruit lay out what makes the alliance special. It could be language, nationality, professions, attitudes toward the game…just say it. The people that join will have been attracted to your niche and be more committed to the community that forms.

When someone clearly breaks the rules, do what you promised in your welcome message. That may be booting, it may be demoting it may be a stern warning but you need to do what you promised/threatened.


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