Starting a new alliance any advice?

Good evening all! I’m going to be starting my own alliance for the first time and looking for suggestions and advice that would be helpful. Appreciate it and thanks in advance!!


My main suggestion would be not to. There are so many excellent alliances to join already that I think starting a new one is a lot of work that often doesn’t pay off.

That said, if you’re set on starting one, the first thing I’d get clear on is what will be special and exciting about your alliance for recruiting purposes, that existing established alliances don’t already cover. That’ll be important if you want to grow and attract dedicated players.


A friend of mine started a new alliance with ‘titan and war at your will’ concept. It get 28 new member in less than 2 months with no promo.
Funny thing, everyone in the alliance attack the titan or participate in war at their own will. Often let go off a 3 * titan and half of the war credit…lol.
But everyone seem to be content.

As the alliance is very raw, my friend will change the concept and getting more serious once most of the member reach 2800tp.


There are so many threads on this topic… The search function (magnifying glass top right hand corner) is your friend.

Good luck


Unless you have substantial trophy and power, not many will join and stay.

The reality is that people will only follow the strong.


Thank you guys for the advice.

I started my alliance with 2 good pals 9 days ago and then an ex-alliance mate joined 3 days ago. We have been successfully taking down every single titan we faced beginning with a 1 * to a 4* today with much time to spare. Also won 2 wars by huge margins. Just a couple of hours ago, we got a new player so everything’s good.


Some very casual player and those who just started prefer a raw alliance where they have a chance to grow together without any obligation on titan and wars. No stress.
Just having some fun.


Thanks everyone for the great information. Gives me a lot to consider and think about.


I started an alliance about a month ago, and received some of the same advice in regards to NOT starting my own…I’m glad I didn’t follow that.

I had been a part of a few alliances, but at some point, there would be drama and there would be a mass exodus. I was tired of all of the bickering, considering this is a mobile game!

I started my alliance based on the idea that starting drama=kick! We are not TRYING to be a Top 100 alliance. We dont have any trophy requirements. All that we ask is that you stay active against titans, and opt out of war if you dont want to participate or will be gone.

1 month in we are sitting at 20/30 members, ranging from 13-51. A few of our top members have been in top alliances and were ready to relax in a more chill atmosphere.

As long as you have a vision, it can work!

If it doesnt, check us out! NightBloods Reborn will welcome you with open arms!


Depends on your situation.
A week ago a friend and i decided to leave our respective alliances. Too many inactive.
We posted our reasons and what we were doing.
Most of the active players in both alliances joined our, within hours.
We are fighting the dark lord now our 3th 3* titan, our previous alli could barely kill a 2*.
We have 11 members as of now.
Starting from scratch may be a challenge.
All i can say is I’m happy with our decision.
Hope it help a little.
Have fun.


Well I went for it and started my own alliance. Thanks for all the great info. Wish me luck!! :smile:


Here is the link to the alliance recruitment note


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