Maybe I need a new alliance?

Pretty new. Level 25. Best team is around 3300. Alliance i joined is mostly asleep and even 5* titans escape with only about half of us doing anything about it. Wars are disappointing for the same reason and they just pick off the crappy teams so all i’m left with are the monster teams with 1000 power more than mine, so I don’t feel like I can progress very well, because my loot tiers are stagnating.

I know I can switch, but my war chest is 19/25. Wondering if it is worth it to stick around for crappy loot or if I should just bite the bullet and switch to a team with better titans, so I can get past this mat wall.

I play daily and always use titan energy. Don’t have a ton of war depth, but working on that!

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Hi I know you seem close to a war chest but I’m assuming you guys lose every war that’s 3 weeks of wasted time my friend. I would join a training alliance so you can play with other dedicated players like yourself. I wouldn’t wait good luck finding a new home.


I am no longer in this alliance, but I suggest “Winter Phoenix” for you. The entrance threshold is 1,600 trophies. They have exactly one slot open at the moment.

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I would goto a training alliance like Pugknight Proving Ground or something connected with knowledgeable players where you can ask questions or they just suggest things you may not even be aware of. There are many out there, just familiar with that one.

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Hi Milk, I lead a training alliance and I think you’d fit in well with us. We are doing stronger titans that will give you more loot but we only have expectations of participation. For war, if you opt in, you just will have to do cleanups and take on lower teams you can handle. We have a lot of higher level people who wanted a less competitive alliance and enjoy helping people learn the game.

We have a slot open if you want to check us out at

EPU - E&P University

Or happy to answer any questions you have here :slight_smile:


If you are looking for an opportunity to up your game and get more consistent, A World of 《Pain》has a training alliance, 《Pain》Management. With this alliance, we get people trained up. Now, we do tackle 10* titans alot. 10* may be quite a big jump, but within a year, I went from taking on 5* to 14*. With proper training, you can become a strong player. Our training alliance has some organized wars and everyone hits titans daily.

Once you feel you are ready, you can step into the bug leagues with A World Of 《Pain》

If you feel this is too much, I understand, but we would be willing to help you out.

This may be quite a big step, but if you are interested, feel free to contact our leader Sundance777 on the Line app if you are interested.

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these are all great replies and I appreciate the help. We actually won the most recent war, so I’m one away on my chest, which tips the scales a bit in favor of sticking it out a bit more, but I’ll come back to reference this when I’m ready to move. thank you so much!

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If you still searching after your war chest, Active & Open (with leader Nimp) just go one opening. We are casual but active (no more than 3 days without activity unless advised). We have lower level players as well as average and stronger players. Titan are optional but we are doing regular kill on 7-8*. War is mandatory. No strategy apart from tank colour coordination, but players know how to play it with respect.

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Hey there Milkbone :grin:
The Last Legion family of alliances is recruiting and has 9 alliances ranging from training alliances to a top 10 alliance.
Sounds like you have outgrown your alliance and are ready to move on once you’ve claimed your loot from the war chest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Let me know if you’d be interested in joining one of our alliances. We have a couple that would be a good fit and as you can see, there are others to go to as you continue to grow and advance in the game.


if you are losing every war you will need about 3 weeks to fill that chest. is it worth that much sacrifice for a war chest you can be picking up a bit faster in another alliance? war is a win or lose situation, you win some, you lose some. but pulling all the weight by yourself is not a good deal.

the most frustrating thing is joining a not so cooperative team, as a leader myself i tell you the struggle is real, chasing players to use all their flags is part of the job. and dealing with those who leave flags is the worst part of the job.

my alliance is a growing one, we are part of the ascendant family. a multi level alliance family. we help everyone who asks for help, we encourage communication. currently hitting 9-10* titans. our war is FFA, you can use your flags any time you are online as long as you use all 6 of them. if anything happens in RL and you explain what happened, we listen and take it into consideration. we currently have one spot open if you wish to join us, look us up “ascendant blinks”

good luck on your journey and happy gaming

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Well, we wound up winning the last few and filled the chest sooner than I thought! (Aethers!). Still kinda low participation from many, so ready to make a move.

It’s clear there are many great opportunities here, I think the Last Legion sounds like it might be a good fit with room to grow. Invite only, so if you still have a slot and wanna shoot me an invite, then I’ll switch on over. Thx.

They can’t send you an invite, ‘invite only’ means you have to knock and be let in, open mean anyone can join without approval :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe @RomanLeviticus can help you with the move


East of the equator is a great clan. We have 5 alliances in our family. We have lost a few due to RL recently but we are on our way back up.
We also have an extensive library that we share rather you decide to join us or not.
Just hit the link below, it brings you to our welcome channel and we can have a chat.

Sent a message to the Leaders of Darkness Shines to let them know you’d be coming. Is your in game name MilkBone as well?

@RomanLeviticus Well, I might need to move again. I really appreciate you linking me up with this particular branch of the TLL, but I think I took too big of a leap. Everybody in the alliance has been helpful and great, but with 12* titans, I can barely make a scratch and that’s no fun, but they always make sure everybody attacks before killing it, so we all get loot. super nice, but I’m at Tier D at best, so the loot isn’t any better than it was with the 4* titans in my last alliance. There’s definitely more strategy, which is nice to learn about.

Also, the wars… I can’t compete. My best team is just shy of 4000 and everybody else is like 5000, not to mention the matchmaking. I actually feel like I’m holding them back. They’ve lost 3 wars in a row. I can sometimes clean up some scraps, but again… the loot is pretty terrible, especially for losses.

I’m wondering if there’s an intermediate alliance I could join where I feel like I can contribute and also get some decent loot.

If you like, you can try joining us at Death Punch Brigade… you’d have to change soon as matchmaking starts in 10 hrs, or you risk losing out on the war. Or you can wait until after the next war after you’ve thought about it.
We’re usually at 10* titans, and have some players who do hover around the 4k defense mark.
I’ll have to mention though, war is free-for-all, and we’re in a bit of a rough patch with some pretty bad matchups.
We also have a discord channel if you want to take a look and ask questions.

Milk, I’ll pitch EPU again, we are doing 10* titans and we have a spread of players in terms of strength, so I think we’d meet your needs well and we’d love to have you!

We have a space open now, find us on alliance search at EPU - E&P University

If you feel like the gap is TOO high, then I can feel you (even if I’d give another shot at your current Alliance).
As they told me a few weeks ago when I changed Alliance, the key is to find the right place at your strenght. This way everyone can grow up together in the best way.

Good luck with your research

You might want to have a look at Guardians Academy or Guardians Rising, the two lower level training alliances of the Guardians family. Academy currently is at 30/30, while Rising is at 25/30. Just refer to me when knocking at the door.

You can try pys place were a pretty good group…
Good luck in your new home :two_hearts:

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