Some general advice

Okay, so I was looking for some advice on what I should upgrade next and use for a defense team. Before I ask specific questions, I’ll list what I have.

Ascension Materials:
Compass: 23
Fine Gloves: 17
Hidden Blade: 19
Orb of Magic: 28
Sturdy Shield: 20
Trap Tools: 14
Warm Cape: 18
Damascus Blade: 8
Tome of Tactics: 9
Farsight Telescope: 8
Mysterious Tonic: 7
Mystic Rings: 11
Poison Darts: 9
Royal Tabard: 8

Current Defense Team: Marjana(4/80+4), Kiril(4/70+15), Obakan(4/80+5), Leonidas(4/80+4), Lianna(4/80+4)

Other Five Star heroes
-Purple: Kunchen(3/70), Guardian Panther(3/1), Thoth-Amun(1/1), Domitia(1/1), Quintus(1/1)
-Blue: Frida(4/80+5), Master Lepus(2/60), Ariel(1/37), Alasie(1/1), King Arthur(1/1)
-Red: Khagan(3/1), Anzogh(1/1)
-Green: Horghall(2/60), Elkanen(2/60), Margaret(1/1), Morgan Le Fay(1/1), Kadilen(1/1)
-Yellow: Guardian Owl(2/25), Poseidon(2/1), Guinevere(1/25), Vivica(1/1), Joon(1/1)

Notes: I only have one maxed healer: Kiril. I am working on my 4* but I do wanna start thinking about making my 5* team better.


  1. What is the best defense team you guys think I can make? I want a 5* healer, so I was thinking either Kunchen or Ariel. But I also have Alasie for blue… I could do Kunchen, Alasie, and Guinevere, but Kunchen and Guin both want the tank position and there can only be one tank on defense. I also like the idea of Ariel and Poseidon because of the free defense boost, but I don’t know how I feel about Poseidon… especially now that I have Guinevere. Of course, everyone uses Guinevere, so I’d be another… I’m not sure how I feel about my green and red 5* options. I’m really not a fan of any of those heroes and am not sure if they are worth the ascension materials. I do already have almost enough rings for 2 5* reds…
  2. Should I remove the emblems from Leonidas and put them on Wu Kong? If so, I should focus solely on defense and HP for him, right? So he survives against titans.
  3. I have a lot of 4* to level up. Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon, Guardian Jackal, Hansel, Rigard, Peters, Melendor, Proteus… should I max all of them before going back to 5*. I don’t wanna wait that long :stuck_out_tongue:

Any other thoughts? And happy to provide screenshots if you want.

Guin for tank
Kunchen can be both tank or flank
Ariel is a definite for the mana buff and heal

You can keep the emblems on Leo since he still works well. You can probably give it to Joon once he is maxed. Poseidon is not my favorite hero so no for him. Fighter emblems are probably better on Panther.

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So definitely panther over Kunchen? And hold off on green and red 5s?

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Depends on what you look for.

Defense would be Kunchen. Offense would be Panther.

And yes. Panther is more valuable for her offense.

Raid defense is relatively unimportant. War defense matters, but your tank color should conform to your alliance’s standard.

This game is about accumulating heroes and the rare mats and emblems to go with them. That dictates priorities:

  1. Titan hits—the daily chance for rare mats. Do more damage on higher titans —> more rare mats
  2. Rare quest/challenge event/class trial completion. Class trials in particular may drive your hero selection one direction or another. E.g. some classes (fighters, rangers) are thin on healers.
  3. Raid tournaments—once loot is restored to original levels, these will be an important source of emblems and rare mats
  4. Wars—war chests give good loot, but are so infrequent that this item doesn’t place higher on the list
  5. Raid offense—fill at least one raid chest daily, preferably at diamond tier.
  6. Raid defense—only meaningful to make sure you hold enough trophies to raid up to diamond as you fill your chest. Note that raid tournament defense is only slightly related to your normal raid defense; the tournament rules will almost always favor (or require) some change from your normal raid defense.

So, would you recommend I leave off leveling 5*'s until I level up every 4* I want? Also, my alliance doesn’t have a ‘tank color standard’ for wars… I’ve never heard of that before?

  1. Titan hits-do you think I should take emblems off of Leonidas for Wu Kong so he lives longer? I’ve been bringing revive scrolls to bring him back if I have bad luck. Also, should I prioritize maxing guardian jackal and guardian falcon before anything else? My alliance hits 6-7 star titans.

  2. This one isn’t an issue. I can already complete all rare quests, challenge events, and class quests. I haven’t been playing long and I haven’t been around for Sand Empire yet, but I’m not too worried. I have to carpet bomb one or two of the class quests, but I can complete every one without any real difficulty.

  3. Right. I don’t have a lot of slow mana heroes maxed. These would be great in a tournament where all skills are very fast.

  4. I do have to use non-maxed heroes for my last few attacks in war. Another reason to focus on 4* for now.

  5. I’m not nearly as skilled in raids as I would like to be, but every raid chest I’ve opened for the past month(at least one a day) has been in diamond tier.

  6. I do usually stay close to diamond. Really close. I haven’t been dropped below 2300 in a few weeks. Part of it is, I am a C2P player, but I did invest a decent amount in a lot of summons recently. I got really lucky. I don’t wanna let them sit there and collect dust for 6 months before I decide to upgrade them :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a strategy that mostly high and almost all top level alliances use; everyone puts an agreed colored hero in their center position for their war defense team.

The idea is to force the opponent to run out of heroes of the strong color early on, and make it harder to get points in the next couple flags.

In my experience it only works if all members have a good sized roster of heroes to choose from. In my alliance we’ve tried it before, but some of our members have only been playing for a couple months and so we got clobbered pretty hard.


I like it! I just told my alliance about this and we are gonna try it in the next war. Thanks!

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At only 3/1, Panther is amazing for yellow titans. I really like Kunchen though… still, I think 4* have to be my focus for now :confused:

I agree with a refocus on 4* heroes first. My general advice is to have a double rainbow 4* team before starting on 5* heroes. The exception is for good 5* heroes that work well at 3/70 (mostly healers and elemental-defense-down heroes like Panther and Frida). You can get two 4s maxed for the resources it takes to max a 5 (both in mats and feeders).


I do pretty much have that double rainbow already. Only a few more levels. Should I jump to a 5*? Or should I level up my 4s that are good for titans?(Jackal, falcon, wilbur). Also, what do you think of moving my emblems to wu Kong for titans?

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Yes, I think working on those three 4* for titans should be a priority. My alt is putting emblems on both Wu and Jackal, both of which really need some def/health bonuses to survive big titans.

I would agree with the 2 rainbow 4* teams, but…I had QoH before I got a red 4* :wink: and my second high purple after Cyprian was Sartana (after her I got Quintus and then Tibs oO). Sometimes you have to work with what you get, I won’t complain :wink:

My alliance is only fighting 6/7* and it is still sometimes a challenge to keep wu alive. Hate to take emblems from Leonidas though

I was in a similar situation. Pulled Lianna off the first epic hero token I ever got

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Get Leo to a logical stopping point then use new monk emblems on Wu


What would be a logical stopping point? He is at +4 now and I love when his talent kicks in. Actually saved me a few times.

It’s tough. I only have vanilla 5* maxed and now I have some of the best 5s in the game(panther, Guin, Alasie, Kunchen, Ariel) and the mats to max them. It just takes forever and I was one of the players who never knew there was a value to having more than one maxed team. Lianna was the first green hero I maxed. I only recently got a second. So, now I’m making up for what I did wrong before. Lots of 4 to max and even some 3s for events and raid tournaments. I suppose having too many great 5s to max is a good problem to have!
What would you recommend for fastest leveling? I ran out of rugged clothes for TC19, unfortunately.

Grrrrrr … now you’ll be tougher if we ever get you as an opponent. You would be much easier with uncoordinated tank colours!

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We aren’t a very high ranking alliance and very uncoordinated. I doubt we’ll be matched up with you :wink:

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Yep, the bump points in Withstand are good stopping points.

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