5* Roster Upgrade Advice

I posted my roster somewhat recently and asked for advice. It was suggested that I max my 4*'s before working on 5*. I burned through a few thousand rugged clothes that I had saved up and, with some time, managed to max most of the 4*'s I wanted to. Now that it is about time to start working on 5*'s, I’m not sure who to prioritize. First, I’ll list my ascension materials:
Damascus Blade: 8
Tome of Tactics: 11
Farsight Telescope: 9
Mysterious Tonic: 7
Mystic Rings: 11
Poison Darts: 10
Royal Tabard: 10

Compass: 24
Fine Gloves: 22
Hidden Blade: 17
Orb of Magic: 30
Sturdy Shield: 23
Trap Tools: 14
Warm Cape: 21

My 5* Roster(Note that I have one of each color maxed as of right now).

-Obakan 4/80(Have 2 duplicates at 1/1)
-Kunchen 3/70
-Guardian Panther 3/70
-Hel 1/1(Just got her today, yay! :smiley: )
-Thoth-Amun(x2) 1/1
-Domitia 1/1
-Quintus 1/1
Thoughts: I have three really great heroes to choose from in this category(Hel, Panther, Kunchen). I do have 10 tabards, but no way to tell how long it will take to get another two. This is probably the category with the most diverse options, so which one I pick will probably depend on what I choose for the others(Note: I do have Proteus(mini Hel) maxed).

-Leonidas 4/80(Have a duplicate at 1/1)
-Guardian Owl 2/60
-Poseidon 2/1(Have a duplicate at 1/1)
-Guinevere 1/25
-Inari(x2) 1/1
-Vivica 1/1
-Joon 1/1
Thoughts: Poseidon and Guinevere are both great. I know Joon is as well. I really wanted Poseidon because I love the defense boost with Ariel, but I know Guinevere is an amazing tank… still, see her everywhere…

-Lianna 4/80(Have 2 duplicates at 1/1)
-Horghall 2/60(Have 2 duplicates at 1/1)
-Elkanen 2/60(Have a duplicate at 1/1)
-Margaret(x6) 1/1
-Morgan Le Fay 1/1
-Kadilen(x2) 1/1
Thoughts: Eh… not really a fan of any of the options, to be honest. Lianna is an amazing sniper and already maxed. Since tonics are my lowest ascension material, do you think I should wait for something better to come along?

-Marjana 4/80(Have a duplicate at 1/1)
-Khagan 3/52(Have 2 duplicates at 1/1)
-Anzogh 1/32(Have 5 duplicates at 1/1)
Thoughts: My smallest category by far… Although, the next time Mount Umber comes around I’ll have enough to ascend two 5* reds(End of June/Early July for that??). Still, I’m not really sure about Khagan or Anzogh. Thoughts?

-Frida 4/80
-Ariel 2/60
-Master Lepus 2/60
-Alasie(x2) 1/1
-King Arthur 1/1
Thoughts: I know Lepus hits hard, but I don’t think I’m a fan. Since I have Frida maxed, I don’t see the point in maxing Arthur, they are too similar. I want diversity. I’d say it is a toss up between Alasie and Ariel, depending on whether or not I ascend Kunchen since I want a 5* healer maxed.

Suggestions? Thoughts? Ideas?

Thank you :smiley:

Ok my thoughts … purple = Hel, yellow = Poseidon, Green = wait, Red = Mariana and Blue = Alasie. That’s what I would focus on as a starter for ten

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Thank you for the reply!

Poseidon over Guin? And you think I should max a second Marjana? I do think Hel is probably the best choice, just stinks that she is 1/1 while Kunchen and Panther are both ready for final ascension. If I do this, I won’t have a 5* healer. Is it worth it to put Alasie ahead of Ariel?

Depends who’s your tank will be. Guin hel as a tank is all over the place. kunchen is a great tank… ariel is a great healer and with posiedon bonus help. I dont have alasie but she is wicked. Wait for another good red. mine goes to gravemaker. just got him. hel and proteus both are great. just status are just low… too bad guin, hel and proteus all have the same class.

o by the way next month see what this new wu going to be…

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I’m not sure who I want. Guin and Kunchen are both great but you see Guin everywhere… Hel is amazing. Red and green I might wait on. I really am not happy with any of my options except maybe Anzogh…

Ravnir in June. Yellow. I do want him.

@StephenNap89 Kunchen can go offense and defense and I heard guin is mainly defense. but with different color it doesn’t matter. Kunchen is a ok healer but defense buff is good.
Gravemaker for red. but if you have wilbur and anzogh it is a wow…

I don’t have gravemaker? I was thinking Ariel tank, hel and Poseidon for one side… not sure about what other two heroes…

I do have Wilbur maxed. Anzogh is unleveled.

Ariel and hel are known for being a tank. but when you are in diamond level. 5 star heros are needed.

They are 5*? Ariel with Hel next to her and Poseidon on the wing to boost Ariel’s defense seems good?

I just saw you list… Look at the top 100 player and you will see some of the combination of heros to be on defense. rule is fast is always the best and will be heading toward the top 100 place. as for as having the best defense it is hard because attack can change their hero to go against it. it is all base on board…
Main one i hate the most are the one that resurrect other heros if they are dead… those are very common in the top 100…

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