Defensive Team Help/ Prioritizing heroes

I am looking for leveling advice/defensive team help. My current hero roster looks like this.

Ariel (1.20)
Inari (3.19)
Atomos (1.26)
Anzogh (3.70)
Lianna (3.70)

Merlin (4.28)
Kiril +4
Wilbur (4.08)
Grimm +4
Rigard +4
Wu +5
Danzaburo +7
Proteus (1.1)
Boldtusk (3.60)
Gafar (1.1)
Ameonna (1.7)

Pretending that all of these heroes are max level, what would you set your defensive team setup to be?
I was thinking (Left to right),
Proteus, Ariel, Anzogh, Inari, Lianna

Proteus, inari, ariel, anzogh, liana

But before start leveling 5 stars, work on 3 and 4 star heroes, cause at the moment you have like 5 fully leveled 4 stars, (I hope you have some 3 stars, what you just didn’t wanted to mention) :blush:

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