Questions about defense team and planning for the future

Good day ladies and fellas, I’d like to have your advice on my heroes.

My current defense team is composed by: Poseidon, Zimkhita, King Arthur, Rigard and Evelyn, all maxed and with various emblems.

It is months that I’ve been planning to put a purple 5s in the roster and finally it’s time.

My choices are: Seshat, Ursena, Aeron, Domitia (already at 3/70), Obakan and Sargasso. All at level 1, I have enough materials to max one of them

I strongly oriented to Seshat, but I haven’t completely left the idea to max Ursena: I like the idea she can attack all the enemies and the reflection against yellow specials (yes Guin, I’m looking at you). Also, she is in the same family of Poseidon, which would mean defense bonus. What’s your opinion?

Other question: which heroes to ascend for each color. Here what I already have and the heroes I’m planning to max:

Red: Zimkhita, Gormek, Colen and Wilbur maxed, next will be Boldtusk and Scarlett, other options would be Anzogh (I could arrive till 3/70), Kelile, Sumitomo.

Blue: King Arthur and Triton max, Aegir and Thorne 3/70, currently working on Kiril, then other options would be Boril, Sonya, Grimm and Rumplestitkin (till 3/70)

Green: Evelyn, Caedmon, Gadeirus and Kashrekk maxed, next in line are Hansel, Melendor, Elkanen, Skittleskull and Little John

Purple: Rigard, Sabina and Proteus maxed, plan is for Seshat, Cyprian, Tiburtus, one of the aforementioned 5s till 3/70 and eventually a second Rigard.

Yellow: Poseidon, Wu Kong, Li Xiu and Hu Tao maxed, Leonidas 3/70, next Gretel, Vivica (till 3/70), Chao and Danzaburo.

What do you think of my planning? Would you prioritize others rather than the one I indicated?

Last questions about the future:

  • Anzogh: worth of full ascension or wait for better?

  • Leonidas and Vivica, who should I ascend? I am very inclined to Vivica

  • Purple: after (most likely) Seshat, shall I go with Ursena or one of the others?

  • Elkanen: I have the idea is underestimated and I could also pair him with Evelyn, who would augment his effectiveness… would you ascend him (once I get enough tonics)?

Sorry for the long post and thank you for your patience and answers :slight_smile:

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