Sneak Peek & Schedule Changes for Challenge Events & Atlantis Rises in Nov/Dec 2019

Prepare to face the updated Riddles of Wonderland (Nov) and Fables of Grimforest (Dec) Challenge Events! You can read more about the updated Challenge Events here.

Schedule Changes

Due to the simultaneous in-game events and public holidays, we will be temporarily adjusting the dates for Challenge Event & Atlantis Rises in November & December 2019. Please note that there are no changes to the duration of each event. You can find the up-to-date schedule below:

November 2019

Challenge Event (Updated Riddles of Wonderland): November 13 - November 17

Atlantis Rises: November 21- 23 (one week earlier)

December 2019

Challenge Event (Updated Fables of Grimforest): December 4 - December 8 (one week earlier)

Atlantis Rises: December 19 - December 21 (one week earlier)