What is the Challenge event schedule for Nov 2019? [Riddles of Wonderland]

Looked thru and can’t find any mention, have sg officially announced the order for the next challenge events?

Knowing in advance helps for pulling targets :wink:

Should be Wonderland on 13th November imo. :thinking:

No it has not yet been announced. With the ongoing event revamp it is uncertain which one will be next.

But like they did for the other revamped events there will be a news post about it.

My personal guess is: they simple release them in the order they are finished. Any of the 3 events is possible but I would guess wonderland is next. But don’t quote me on that. It’s only a feeling in the gut.


BTW: Next challenge event will start November 13, not 19 like stated in your title.

I believe the titel means November 2019 simply

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Moderator’s Note

Small Giant Staff have told me they will be announcing the next Challenge Events for November and December 2019, along with a schedule shift.

Please stay tuned to News & Updates for an announcement.


Fake News!

Ok, you might be right… maybe… just maybe. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :joy:

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As was pointed out, I did mean 2019, as there were similar posts but from 2 yrs ago :wink:

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If we go off the illustration on the coins, it should be Wonderland, but visual graphic =/= official announcement.

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Moderator’s Note

The Small Giant Staff have announced the November and December Challenge Event schedule: Sneak Peek & Schedule Changes for Challenge Events & Atlantis Rises in Nov/Dec 2019

That Jabberwock artwork is nice! Now I’m sad, because I will never be lucky enough to draw him! :frowning:

Title updated with the upcoming nov challenge event


I hope that the RNG gods favor me and i can be able to pull the jabberwocky