[SNEAK PEEK] Updated Challenge Events Approaching!

Prepare yourself to face the updated Challenge Events - starting in September 2019!

As we announced earlier (see Challenge Events Rotation Change), we have been busy working on overhauling our existing Challenge Events. We are happy to announce that the updated Challenge Events are now approaching!

What’s new with the updated Challenge Events?

:crossed_swords: All Challenge Events have 5 extra stages for each difficulty (15 in total per each difficulty).
:crossed_swords: New rewards!
:crossed_swords: New heroes! Each Challenge Event has 3 additional heroes (2 Legendaries and 1 Rare Hero).
:crossed_swords: New item: Challenge Coin! Use 10 Challenge Coins for a free summon in the Event Summon. This item can be received as loot from an extremely rare new Challenge Event enemy.
:crossed_swords: Each Challenge Event lasts 5 days now, starting one day earlier (on Wednesdays).
:crossed_swords: Completion Rewards will be given even if the final stage is completed after the event ended.

Rotation Schedule (2019)

  • September: Knights of Avalon
  • October: Pirates of Corellia
  • November & December: TBA