Skittleskull with costume worth maxing out?

I have skittle at 3.60 only to use in sorcerer class quests. I recently got costume for her and stat boosts with costume level up seems tempting.

But her slow mana and special that can be easily negated by Kiril, BT, etc. still makes me wonder if she is worth the shields. I have 8 shileds, 4 reserved for Lianna’s final ascension so can use 4 for one of 3.60 greens.

I have maxed Melendor, 2 Caedoms in green 4*.
LJ, Gadeirus, and another Melendor are also sitting at 3.60. But I cannot afford emblems for them. That’s why skittle with costume is tempting to me.

Who do you think deserves the shields?


I did my skittleskull to +19. Mainly use him for titan and tile damage. Because I am CTP and most of the classic edited: (5s) greens are very defensive

Having said that I will vote LJ as he has a more useful special that is harder to remove (assuming you are not looking for green tank or it’s Gadeirus)

If you max her costume, give her a 4* mana troop and you can drop her tile charge by 1.

You can also use her for 2 different trials.

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If I can throw emblems, then I would go for LJ but I gave all to Grimm and Black Kinght and will give more as I get more. I’m not sure if he can survive in raids or aw. For mana contol, I use Proteus.

Thanks, that’s a good point.

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When you build the costume you use your talents at the end when maxed out. So if your skittleskull has talents it won’t remove them . your just maxing out the costume. Hope this helps you out.

What ?! Green vanilla heroes are all based on glass canon execpt caed who is more balanced. But all the others (mel, LJ, skittle) have good tile damages and low def/ hp.

Back on topic, you should keep your shields for someone else. For instance, try for buddy this month or eaely january, we will help more in your green roster.

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I already did 10x pull hoping for him but didnt get him.

I already did costume level up with Rigard and Li Xiu so that’s why I was tempted to do it for Skittle too. Free emblems for the costume.

What I cannot afford is the emblems for heoroes like LJ , Melendor, etc.

Then go with gadeirus, hes the only who brings attack bonus. He’s decent to use with your green stack agaisnt blue titan.

Anyway you’re at a step where you can start to focus on your troop leveling as your bench looks like decent.

I got Skittles costume on my alt account and maxed it because of tile damage. BUT I didn’t max Skittle himself, just ascendec to 4th tier

Oh i should add classic 5s green… that is why i still using 4s for tile damage

How are your teams for barbarian trials? I thought mine were pretty good, but adding Little John, even unemblemed, still made a huge difference because of mana control. I really recommend maxing him for that alone.

I also use Skittles (4^70) on sorcerer trials, and she is OK, but on Trial of Shadows, you can get the same effect on the bosses with Scarlett, and at fast mana to boot. I maxed Sabina and then held onto a pile of sorcerer emblems instead of giving them to Skittles, who just isn’t very good, imo. Instead, I’m going to use my sorcerer emblems to turn Ameonna into a nuclear warhead. She’s almost maxed now.

Just based on this, I’d say it’s worth maxing Skittleskull regardless of whether you have her costume or not. I’d imagine she’s extremely frail at 3.60 – may as well help yourself out by giving her more levels. 4 shields, 1 pair of gloves and 1 compass is not super expensive in the long run.

Sorcerer class is the weakest for F2P / C2P :stuck_out_tongue: Just because of the lack of trianable heroes (Sabina and Quintus are the other options).

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i have bk, grimm, gormeck in barbarian so did not have much trouble in class quest.

i’m still short in aw teams so i also need durable heroes too. skittle with costume makes her more durable.

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good point, thanks. …

I think she is worth it, but it depends on where your bench is now. If you are only using her for class quests, you can just level her costume to 60 as well and stop there.

Im leveling my maxed Skittles with costume, but its just because there is no reason for me not to. I have never used Skittles for anything, but at some point a 4-star rush attack tournament that doesn’t allow reds will start and she will help me get that top 1%,

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that’s another good point. I leveled her to final.

Doooooo eeeetttt!!!

Here’s my maxed Tarlaks stats for reference



thanks for the benchmark. i cannot emblem her like that but got your point.