Boril or second Sonya. Skittle vs 2nd caed, 2nd mel or Gaderius

Hello guys. I was wondering up to what point Boril is going to contribute to my roster .
Here my crew i have maxed.


Sonya w/ costume

Wu Kong
Hu tao
Li xiu with costume

Boldtusk with costume
Lancelot on his way

Melendor w/costume
Little John
Doubting between doing skittleskull or 2nd Mel or 2nd caed

Rigard w/costume
Tib w/costume

So my other blue options are triton, 2nd Sonya , Boril or Valeria .
The thing i like the most of Boril is that he would bring something different to my roster.

Lets see more clear

Triton has high damage , hes a Sniper . I have already sonya , Grimm and vela doing the damage part in blue .
Second Sonya would be good because her versatility.
I dont like Valeria at all. Sitting at 3/60
And Boril i think could help me in everything but titan damage

Definitely Boril. Boril is a beast in PvE (especially because you do not have Cyprian) and adds diversity to your roster. Second Sonya is also good, but after at least one counterattacker maxed.

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Hi RIlian . Well cyprian thing is another dilema. I have him but hes fighting the place with second Rigard . I have not decided yet however the value that costume rigard contributes in war is huge to win the fight.

And between skittleskull vs 2nd melendor or 2nd caedmon?

I know they are infinitely better than skittles . But i know too that skittles would bring more titan damage (huge atk ) and he may be useful for quest ?

You definitely need one counterattacker either maxed or on 3/70 (if 5*) to finish those costume quests and legendary challenge events)


I can finish them right now hehe. But they are forge consuming . Well not costumes ones, they are slightly eaiser then events but last level of legendary events i have to take down with some bombs or fireballs to lessen bosses a little bit however nothing too problematic.

How about hard levels of Atlantis and valhalla? I see myself struggling a little bit in the last provinces in hard mode

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Triton over Boril, especially with Kiril - great variable synergy there (pick your firing order for harder snipe or harder heal, depending on what the situation calls for).
He also walks straight onto your titan team for non-specials (Sonya helps more Vs the tiger, but his tile damage is way higher).

Boril has his uses, but I don’t think you’ll miss not having him.

The green is more interesting… Do you have skittles costume?
I’d lean towards him if you do, but towards Mel#2 if you don’t.


Hi bubbles . I usually do lots of pulls on costume chamber. Sadly , skittleskull is my only missing epic costume . Anyways i plan to get It sooner or later!.

You know … I have something with triton . He was my second blue time before . I made him up to 3/60 but he has been there for ages . I always ended priorizing other blues (Grimm , Kiril and even maxed Vela before him that is not the recommended thing to do)

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IMO, at least 1 Boril, can be as tank candidate in turney without green. Also… can be as your new playstyle variety in your roster, I like to have fun with variety and strategy. Specially if we face many of AoE in teams. I already have 1 Boril and currently I’m working on 2nd Sonya right now (almost maxxed), even I don’t have her costumes yet, I hope to get it some day.

2nd Melendor or 2nd Caedmon, both are great. I have Skittleskull at 3.70 since so long,… I prefer variety but 2nd Hansel is coming (maxxed now), and also many Buddys (1x maxxed)… so much opition, then I release (almost in my AW face blue tanks) and need dispeller, so I start 2nd Caedmon to 3.70, but then Brynhild is coming,… so currently I’m working Brynhild now. But after that, I will sure want to acsend 2nd Caedmon, because of the best fast dispeller, and also the new costume is as good as Sonya. 2nd Melendor is also a great option if we do not have many healers options the costume bonus stat with mana troop lvl 5 is great.

Whilst true, Sonya with costume bonus is sturdy enough to use for this also.

It’s a very niche use to pick based on - yes he’s okay on attack too, but he wouldn’t be my priority.

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The only thing that could lean the choice through boril is the possibility of having a different type of Hero … Boril would be my first riposte one .
What i could do too is leveling 2 blues at the same time . For example Boril and Triton . This way i will probably close the blues for a time .

I’d max one and then the other either way.

It’s kinda up to you which you do first… Personally I’d pick Triton because you’ll use him Vs titans far more than you’ll use Boril in tournaments and events (you’ll use Triton in these on attacks too, though).

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I leveled skittle for trails and gaderius iv used alot to complete legendry events put next to colen or jackal really good attack buff n heal does wonders
Also Triton underated def worth mats

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I have all of the blue options maxed

. Boril never gets used
. Valeria is only useful in healing wars or red tank wars
. Triton gets used occasionally like in trials, and if I need a healer and a half. He’s not that great since I gave his emblems to Lianna
. Sonya is great with costume. Fast cleanse is very important when raiding these days

I’d probably go Triton, then Valeria, then the second Costume Sonya. Maybe even put Sonya after Triton


So , as far i can see in this thread more of you lean towards triton
Good to know it! And thanks for the advise to all of you

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I have the same experience with my Blue roster. If you can finish the class quests without Boril, and you are not looking for a tank, then do these others first.

Triton, Grimm and Kiril have great synergy. With Triton, you can choose to fire Triton > Kiril for more healing, or Kiril > Grimm > Triton for a much stronger hit. That helps a lot, Kiril / Triton was a winning combo for me when doing Atlantis hard provinces, and even against Ursena as boss.

As for your Greens… I would lean towards variety. It seems like your biggest concern is the world map. Gadeirus and Skittles are both useful there, where their slow mana is less of a concern.

Skittles was the only reason I won against Ursena as boss on Hard (I didn’t have Scarlett yet), by combining Skittles’ attack debuff with Kiril’s defense buff. Gadeirus’ attack boost could be useful too. Sure, items can duplicate those effects, but this will help conserve your resources. I would do Skittles first, as Gadeirus’ heal over time will overwrite costumed Melendor’s. The combined attack debuff and defense buff will help keep your team alive.


Hello @sleepyhead . Regarding Skittles , i have a couple of free sorcerer emblems to throw up to her.
I think that to practical effects the choiced path should be atk>def is that right?

The uses i will give to her are titan, quest, mapping and eventually until my roster expand a little bit i will use her in some war attacks

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Why? I think Sabina is way better)

Because she has some emblems and of all my healers shes the worst . I go with me c.rigard and future Rigard over her all the time .

Id rather give the emblems to a different hero thats all.

Second Boldtusk
Second Rigard
Sabina with some emblems
Future second melendor

Too many healers to not give skittle some love

But she is a most accessible healer for Trials of Shadow.

This is my Sabina now.

I have 124 sorcerer emblems to give her . But anyways i believe my greens need more damage against blue titans . If i give the emblems to skittle i can pump her atk stats a little bit.

@jinbatsu @sleepyhead @BubblesUK

Is too crazy my idea of spare emblems ? I prefer to have a Sabina and skittle at +6 then a Sabina +12 i think … But if im wrong i can change my mind no problem with that


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