Is embleming my Skittleskull still a very bad idea?

The Defense Team I use for Wars is: Tiburtus - Boltusk - Skittleskull - Sonya - Li Xiu. (Our alliance is currently using Green tanks.)
They all have costumes approximately at 4/50 and I will max all 5 costumes after the next costume quest.
So far I only gave a few emblems to some 3*, but after I max these costumes, I want to start 7/20ing some 4*s too…
I feel like if I 7/20 my Sonya and BT while my Tank stays unemblemed, it might actually cause more harm than good for my alliance.

Currently, I have a maxed Melendor but I don’t have the costume for him. I do possess Caedmon too but he is at 1-1.

Do you think it is still a very bad idea to emblem Skitty after she got a costume? Or did the costume make it more justifiable?

  • The costume lets her cut more ATK from the opponent.
  • The costume will give her stats including %5 Mana regen. (And I have a Level 11 4* Green Mana Troop)

– If the next Costume thing does not give me the costume for Melendor, is it OK to 7/20 Skitty?
–Is it OK even if the Costume thing does give me Melendor? (Because if I put Melendor as a tank, I don’t have any Red I want to emblem to replace BT. Is 2 healers too much for my Def team?)
–If it gives me the costume for Caedmon, should I just max Caedmon and Emblem him instead of these 2?

NOTE: I think I don’t like unembleming heroes unless it’s done solely for re-embleming them in a better way. Because I think I like progress and dislike anti-progress in a game.

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My advice would have been to go ahead and do it, until you get something more worthy of the Emblems. It’s not about progress for me, it’s utility. The Emblems have 0 utility sitting in my inventory. Can I earn more resources with victories than I spend on redoing the Emblems later? Probably.

But if you don’t like that notion, that’s fine too. Don’t do it. Skittleskull [Candy] is better than no 4* Nautre at all, but it probably won’t be long before you get something more useable.

Just out of curiosity, why Nature as tanks? Are you in an alliance with lots of Tellies, or what?

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We do have at least several(maybe more) Tellurias and we also have 2 heavily emblemed Buddys which I think also has an effect.

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Here do you mean

  • if you won’t reset her, don’t emblem her. Not even to 7/20.
  • if you won’t reset her, don’t do it(don’t reset her), it’s still OK to get her to 7/20.

What are your other Sorcerer’s competing with Skittlekull for emblems? If none, go ahead and use them on your current tank, at least to 7.

Eventually you’ll pull Kashrek who makes a better green Tank, but he won’t compete with Skit’s emblems as he’s a wizard.


I have Ameonna but I don’t have Sabina.

BTW it’s ok to pay more attention to the Talent Grid of her costume and take a defensive route, right? I mean DEF > Health > ATK route

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Good point, that was unclear.

This here. Or even just 1 node. You’ll almost certainly make that cost back before you get a better Nature tank. It’s just a shame to sink the Emblems permanently.

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Absolutely! Many Costumes are better for general use than their originals, even with the bonus.

Good call.

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Yeah–choose based the emblem path of the “side” you’ll use the most (normal or costume). If Skit is your tank, def&hp > attack. I have read that people roughly think def = 2*hp , so figure out a balance you like.

Ameonna has high tile attack, but her special doesn’t charm me. I haven’t used ascension materials on her, much less emblems…

And don’t worry about resetting emblems. Sometimes the best path forward is to undo a past action…

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I have about 40+ 4 and 5 stars maxed and almur +19 still about 500 left and my only choice is sabina with I don’t really use since I got rigard, sorcerer emblems don’t have too much good heroes to use them. Skittleskull with max emblems plus costume bonus and lvl 17 mana troop drop tiles needed to load from 12 to 10! I know 10 isn’t pefrect number but still I recive him last costume event and I am about to max him soon than I am going to emblem him to +20 with is better than unused emblems and if this is your tank for war he is worth every talent you can give him he will do great hes like mini horgall but one tile faster.

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Thanks for everything you shared, I appreciate them. They makes things abit more clear.

But I don’t think I will go as far as 20/20 with Skitty and I won’t have a 17 LV Mana Troop any time soon.

Seems like I will 7/20 my Skitty if I don’t get the Melendor costume from the next event.

What do you think about the Melendor Costume? And what do you think about embleming Melendor giving more priority to the costume side of the Grid? As you see, if you focus on the costume side, the base side literally goes all out ATK.

And, since I have no Red heroes I intend to emblem other than BT, should I 7/20 my Skitty instead of Melendor even if I DO get the Costume for Melendor on the next event? (Because my def team will end up with 2 healers)

Thank you again.

I think “Skitty” add more value as a tank than melendor, even with costume and you have another healer on your defense team. If you want emblem any hero with costume you must think about with one you will use more often and than go this path for melendor I think costume is better more tanky and add def up when fire I would go with him. All 4 star healers are good to emblem (if you don’t have a 5 star options) every team need a healer so they always go in.

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This girl is awesome.

Saved me in ghost soo many times in war and Raids

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I have Skittleskull emblemed to +20, because I don’t have too many sorcerers. With 788 attack I find her at least usable in tournaments or challenges. And as nobody takes her serious, she will be able to fire at least once and than it’s like Horghall had a Skittle-costume :smile:


This is the point as the costume makes her stronger.
Go ahead emblem her. Your war tank needs to be most sturdy…but may be I would consider using normal Skittles as she is sorcerer…that -34% or -39% atk is not really a difference.

I have her at +1 … using for tourneys. I have over 800 unused sorcerer emblems myself and no hero to spent on (Sabina already+15) .


Sorry for bumping this after a week but,
I want to ask, is Skittleskull normally emblemed offensively rather than defensively? By “normally”, I mean if she is not your Tank for Wars.

(Although I think I will get the %ATK node instead of %DEF node if I ever go as far as 19/20 with her grid, so, in the late game, mine will be at least kinda mixed rather than “all DEF”)

Thanks in advance.

Come on somebody say something


Ok, in all seriousness,:

First I haven’t emblemed Skitty yet but i am contemplating doing so with 600+ sorcerer emblems sitting idle. I do have her costume.

Second, re anti-progress, I would not say that removing emblems from a hero you will no longer be using for a better hero you will be using is anti-progress. But that’s just my opinion take what you will from that.

Third, emblem path depends IMHO a lot on intended use of that hero. Is the hero primarily for attack/damage? Go attack route. Is the hero for support/survivability? Go defense route. I generally only go attack myself for snipers.


Sorry for the English skills.

Do you mean “I usually don’t go ATK for non-sniper heroes. I go ATK for only snipers.”

Or did you just say “I usually go all ATK for snipers” without meaning the statement above.

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