Skittleskull with costume worth maxing out?

Can you confirm what level mana troop this is needed? It may be level 29 and that takes a long a$$ time, lol.

Lv1 is enough using mana troops

Was that going the all attack path route?

Yessir. Take a gander


moment of truth: who has used costume skittles? was she worth maxing? how is she in raid tournaments?

I maxed skittles without costume as lack sorcerers for trials.
Gives attack down and some damage to the opponents. It helps still a battle though did the same with awge for cleric Needed someone to hit everyone can clear all levels… with abit help from there friends.

yeah, that’s cool. I was wondering specifically about costume skittles and if anybody has found her as a hero with a use case.

Could be the first and let us know how it goes? :wink:
Someone prob has but skittles ain’t a priority for a lot of people let alone the costume! Maybe beta testers @DaveCozy any more thoughts on this?

Believe it or not, but skittles (and costume) are next on my Green list… She’s currently at 3-60 so yeah;

Will be like 3 weeks before she’s finished cooking tho… Gotta finish Evelyn who’s only in the 4-50’s currently


maybe nobody on the forum has used her? I can be the first then lol

if I max out the costume without maxing out the base hero, does the costume skittles suffer on stats?

Nope; but the regular Skittles must be at least 4-1 in order to fully ascend & level the costume (cannot ascend beyond the same ascension of the base hero)

so much for my idea of only maxing out the costume :thinking:

now I am really on the fence as far as what to do with her. my suspicion is that costumed skittles is cheaper and better than non-emblemed elk for green stacking in war, but no idea.

I pulled her costume last month (along with my first copy of her) and haven’t touched either yet.

I’m seriously considering maxing her though because so far all of my costumed heroes are awesome and it seems like she could be too? Albeit maybe to a lesser degree. I also have a ton of sorcerer emblems, so :woman_shrugging:

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Could you tell us how you like your costume skittleskull? Did you have her maxed already before you got the costume?

I did have her maxed and fully emblemed long before I even knew there would be a costume for her. I originally maxed her because I needed green heroes and I had a lot of Sorcerer emblems to spare. Never regretted it and the costume boost made her even better.

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I have a maxed skittle and costume! As you might expect, she only gets used during 4* rush attack tourneys and maybe if we face blue war tanks. That’s frankly enough for me to warrant leveling at this point.


what kind of damage does she do (in costume) against 5* blue tanks (and their war defense teams). Are we talking in the 100-200 range, 200-300 range?

That’s my biggest question really.

I use her pretty much everywhere. She’s in my green team so I use her in every war, in my daily raids, 4* tournaments and against titans.

@CoreyOfTheIsland here is an analysis done for her against the average 4* hero defence:

I can probably expand it to use the average 5* defence stat if you’re interested?

Edit: realise that the image isn’t “clickable” in the quote function… She does ~350 damage to a 4* hero with the costume on OR ~340 damage to a 4* hero with just the costume bonus

Edit 2:
Here is Skittles vs. average 4* Defence Stat:

And here is skittles vs. average 5* Defence Stat:


Skittles was my first green 4, so I’ve used her out of necessity a lot. I was happy when I got her costume, and maxed it, but as others point out - green war stacks, fast mana speed tourneys, and class quests are her main niches. I used her for a long time on my titan stack, the -34%(39% in costume!) attack debuff was helpful in keeping my team up.