Should new players wait to join an alliance?

I was wondering if players should wait to join until they could field at least 5 teams of 3* heroes. Even training alliances might want members who could help in wars, or is that not the case? TIA for your advice!

You will be losing out on a lot of good titan loot if you don’t join an alliance. You can always opt out of wars if you don’t feel like it until you are ready, but titans are single best source of unfarmable AMs. The higher the titans the better the loot, the more the number of players needed to kill it. :slight_smile:


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In my opinion, the biggest reason for joining an alliance is for the titans.

Even low level players get more loot from joining an alliance and hitting the titans. They drop some of the ascension materials (sure very rare at low level titans, but still a chance). Also give gems & other such items which are not strictly farmable.

Initially, low levelled players may be something of a liability but by joining an alliance, they will grow more quickly both because of the knowledge they can gain AND because of the extra materials & items dropped by titans.
Click here for stuff about titan loot tiering, items received etc…

The main thing that many Training Alliances want is a member. Once the member is in & are active, they will grow and become a valuable member of their alliance :slight_smile:


Thanks to the both of you for your answers! I am mostly concerned about being a liability, yes; I can tell it’ll take me a while to get leveled 3*s. The counterpoint about ascension mats is a good one though! It’s good to know training alliances are definitely okay with new players not having enough characters to participate in wars.

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The greatest thing about this game is the wonderful community. The sooner you join a friendly, supportive and knowledgeable alliance, the sooner your game will improve and the more likely you are to enjoy your game.

My preference is for new players to join an alliance that is suitable for their level and to join the war as soon as they qualify. It’s the best learning and bonding with your team mates experience. You will more quickly pick up on the strategies involved, and come to understand your value as a clean up team.

Players with stronger heroes hate wasting a flag on an opponent with a single weak hero remaining and when you clean it up, you’ll be the hero!

If you are enthusiastic, active with using every titan and war flag, eager to learn and willing to ask questions then any good alliance will be lucky to have you.

It make take you a few attempts to find the right fit so be sure to check the forum and keep asking for help.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy your game!


As others have said. Join an alliance, opt out of wars, and let them know you are new and need advice. Admittedly, the level will tell the alliance the “new” part.

You want to find one that has the chat level you like, as dead or overactive can be problems in their own right.


The right alliance for your style of play will optimize progress.


Our newest member had his first war now - unfortunately we were matched against an alliance with def TP >3,5 k :frowning: but we lost, so hopefully we get some better opponents for him next time :smiley: he did 4 attacks with 10 points, that’s okay for a field aid war, I think :slight_smile: and he will grow and get better. We’ve all gone through this :smiley: so our weakest members are now 1,5k, 2,6k and 2x 3,2k. Just bad for them when our opponents come with 13 over 3,5k and 7 over 4k. I’m more sorry for them than for our loss today :smiley:

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