Do I really need to be in an Alliance?

So other than Titans and those useless wars… is there any other reasons to be in an Alliance? Does it increase and timers for harvesting food or gold?


You don’t have to be in an alliance if you don’t want to.

You miss out on titans and wars, which ultimately that means you miss out on sources for loot and ascension materials. As long as you’re ok with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if you’re in an alliance though you can just choose to opt out of wars. If the alliance is ok with that you can hit titans only, some of our players do that cuz they don’t like committing to wars.

War chest loot can be pretty good.

You can always have an alliance of one if you don’t want any interaction or cooperation


Actually loot from higher titans, let’s say starting from 8*, is quite good. Especially 4* mats which are so hard to get.
Rewards from war chest could be great as well although not always.

My last war chest:

And the chest for 5 titans usually contains a decent amount of emblems.
If you don’t enjoy the social aspect of being in alliance you can find a silent one, there are plenty of those. Not every alliance is chatty.
If you don’t enjoy wars you can opt out.

Aside from that, there are no direct advantages of being in alliance other than titans and wars. Indirect advantage is that you can learn from more experienced players.

So you don’t need to be in alliance, you’ll just receive less ascension mats so your progress in game will be slower.

Sure but an alliance of one means 1* or 2* titans and pretty much useless loot from those.


Agreed. But you’ll still fill up titan and war chests. It’s a reasonable middle ground.


I just got sick of having to participate in each event… they had a three miss your out rule… Spending more time playing Guns of Glory which is way more fun and interesting… P&E has become boring…

Rare titans drop the best loot ( especially emblems and Atlantis coins. Ignore the 4* item bonus roll ), but require 5* titans so most single player alliances miss them.

All titans are king of the loot hill


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(Titan Tier Rewards Question – do higher loot tiers with the same number of ascension mat rolls have higher percentage chances for unfarmable ascension mats?)



@grzechol Aha. I still wait for the day I get fancy 2 4* ascension mats…

Of all I rarely get …darts is on top my list

@SRJ_CT_61 … honestly being a part of an alliance helps …without being in one …I would probably quit . #teamplayer4life

Do you need to be in an alliance-


If you intend to progress in the game, yes.

End of story.

If you merc, you are still a part of an alliance, if only for a little while. Wars can be optional, sure, but titans/titan chests? Why play if you do not fill those?

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