Shifting tank colours in war

Hi there Puzzlers!

Im a member of a small 20 alliance (war score: 47953, strongest player:4400, average:3800ish). Somebody suggested that we should shift from RED war tanks to BLUE. I think this is a good idea but I’m really worried about the transition phase.

Do you think that everyone should swap to blue even (or obviously) is a downgrade in teampower (Blue has some decent 4 star tanks and everybody has at least one… Boril, Kiril comes to mind…) or wait till the five stars (Thorne, Magni, Richard) are levelled up?

I did realised that swapping a +7 Sonya+cb in instead of a +2 Vela only dropped my TP by like 60… (I smell something…)

How would you get over this problem? Would you swap immediately using 4 stars…??? Even instead of the 5 star reds?

This is our tank line-up

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If you’re making an alliance change, knowing some teams will have to put out a weaker team than what they could do without matching tanks is part of the transitional process.

The point of the switch is to put yourself in an advantageous situation where your opponent runs out of (or does not have enough) neutral/strong heroes against your tank to cleanly flip the board.

If you switch to blue even if it may hurt a couple of team’s war defense, you should have everyone switch, it will help in the long run.

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Currently we are using reds

Sorry … I should have post a screenshot earlier…

I would say that unless you’re all hyper competitive, just go with what keeps people happy and is fun.

Having fought in a few top 500 alliances, some did complex war strategy and some did none, the difference wasn’t very noticeable.

Allowing people to enjoy what they have is much more important imho.

If you lose a couple of wars, your score will adjust for easier opponents.


The points your opponent gets from beating your war defense team (or anyone else’s on your team) is based on the strength of your team, true. But the that calculation is (I may be missing some complexities) all the teams of you whole alliance = 1500 points. Thus, your team specifically gets a portion of the 1500 based on its strength. I mention this because, even if every player in your alliance has a minor point drop as you swap tank colors, that point drop may or may not be associated with a change in the value of your team. It’s still 1500 for the whole alliance divided by the number of members fighting from your alliance, etc.

If your whole alliance is dedicated enough to synchronize colors like this (which is impressive), I’d say you might as well swap to blue for at least a fight or two and see what happens. The swap doesn’t have to be permanent. I’d recommend against tearing emblems off all reds to put on blues, though, if that’s what they’d do. There’s a good chance you’ll lose a fight or two, but I think that’s a small price to pay. Might as well experiment, right?

I know that the points for victory is divided by the Health of the team and not by the strenght… But would you face a war defence team of what you see on the screenshot or a BLUE team? Do you think the red tanks are scary or the (future) blues?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you think that at our level the Blue has some edge over the Red tanks ?? Please guys help me understand…

I would stay with red for several reasons and your tanks aren’t bad. We run red tanks for a year now and they work fine. Generally alliances at your range or ours are better prepared for blue tanks, at least we are since we meet them 80% of the time. The blue tanks you mentioned like Boril, kiril are weak to caedmon, melendor etc., even Aegir isn’t intimidating if you have a few dispellers, blue doesn’t have a real weapon, like the other elements for tank do imo.


I see what you’re asking, now. Personally, I think I would prefer to face red versus blue but I have some good, fast blue heroes and my depth in blue is a bit better than my depth in green, though I have made some progress on that front. (Side note, if we ever face a yellow tank team, I am gonna kill it!)

Having said that, I think @vanZille may have a point that many alliance may be better positioned to take on blue versus red.

Our team only very recently began coordinating tank color (green, if you’re curious). We finally pulled the trigger after asking each member to identify his (no women on our team :frowning: ) best green and troop levels, etc. I would recommend that exercise for your alliance.

Note that you are not going to make everyone happy – I don’t want to be the one who has to tell Cottus that s/he can’t use Gravemaker as his/her tank anymore!

May i ask again:

If all the tanks are the same colour…

Does the Blue have an edge over the Red tanks?

(I don’t know how to ask but…)

Do you fear blue tanks more than reds?

If yes why?

If no why?


In the abstract, I would fear red more. Black Knight, Gravemaker, (or Gormek, Colen) versus Aegir (or Grimm, Boril).

For your alliance, I still recommend doing an inventory of who your alliance has.

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It all depends on what teams your whole alliance can make. So what you need to do is get everybody collect the pictures of your hero’s and troops and start a puzzle. Let somebody do this who know what specials hero have and if the heros are fast or slow.
Then let that person decide. There is no general rule that blue is better or red is better.


That person would be me… and I ain’t got a Dawa’s clue what to do… Some peeps want changes but some (like me) prefers the status quo = red tanks…

My question is still valid:

1, do you think BLUE tanks are better overall than reds
2, do you think that at our level BLUE is better than red?
3, do you think that for the future development BLUE is better than red?

Thank you for your time guys

We are using red tanks for like half a year… so obviously our best tanks are red… Do you think that switching to BLUE even with sacrifices would be better on the long shot… ?

You keep asking the same question but without lining up your team’s specific tank options it is hard to say. Personally I love blue tanks but that’s because I have two Evelyns, Lianna, Hansel+18, Caedmon+18 etc etc

If you compare your actual options like

Player 1 Boldtusk+7 or Kiril +10
Player 2 Elena +7 or Aegir +3
Player 3 Marjana +7 or Sonya +8

And so on, I would say the edge slightly goes to red as the first two will be comparable, and a Marjana will be better in the third. But without knowing all the blue options, people can’t comment

Frankly neither colour scares me, I’d love to fight both. I hate purple tanks the most, if you don’t count the recently ended Age of Velluria where green tanks were awfully punishing

Edit: just reviewed your red tanks and they look pretty good to me for a mid level alliance. The Blues would have to be good in the above comparison to justify a change

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Personally I would poll your alliance and go with the color that overall yall are strongest in. The benefits of mono tanking aren’t necessarily about the specific color because you can’t predict what color your opponents will have the most of in their benches. At the same time there is nothing wrong with changing things up every once in awhile to see how things play out. Provided everyone is on board with the changes

Sorry, @Vonos1982, I am not trying be obstinate, but it is not a forgone conclusion that the best tanks of your alliance members are all red. Presumably, your members develop non-tank heroes and non-red heroes. Ancsa, for example, has Guinevere as her/his tank for her/his defense team, a solid choice and arguably a better tank than Red Hood (her/his war tank).

We war with red tanks because 9 month ago this was our strongest color with some strong 4 star tanks (Bold, Colen, Gormek,) so it was newby-friendly (we decided this after a poll…).

So since i did not get any straight answer if blue has an edge over red my conclusion is:

1, coordinate the tank colour to reduce the enemy’s options
2, work on the attack teams

Good catch… but if she (Ancsa) fielded Giun in the field of red tanks she would only asking for a spare purple stack… or three… We do know that we have some strong tanks which are not red and because of the red-tank-policy they are pushed back to flank… The problem is that some of us have very strong blue tanks skyving on flanks… but not everybody…

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