Blue war tanks

I have noticed in my alliance that in wars we are facing alliances who are running blue tanks for all members about 75-85% of the time. Just curious why that might be? Are blue tanks better or is there a notion out there that greens are least leveled of all heroes? Maybe it matters not and is nothing and totally random but I couldn’t help but notice so decided to put it out there. Appreciate the feedback.

Now that you mention it, our alliance also seems to encounter blue tanks most frequently. No idea why. Maybe because Boril is an easily obtainable hero and one of the best vanilla 4* tanks?

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Well yellow and purple don’t have many choices for tc20 tanks so makes them paywall colors typically

So for mid or early players or alliances that have a very small group of p2p/p2w and the rest are c2p/f2p , red or blue is the way to go and just depends on the best the alliance can put forth as a whole

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Good point, never thought about it that way for yellow and purple tanks.

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ive been secretly building a green army after noticing this


Holy crap

@CmdCupcake any relation?

Me too cupcakekid :rofl:

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I’d say that green heroes have less useful offense specials comparing to other colors.

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sorry not related to any other cupcakes
most of my army consist of melendor and caedmon dups lol

:joy: none… but my 20’s do have some fuzzy stretches…


So many blue tanks…guess it’s time to commit to expanding my green mid-level bench…



I think there’s some fuzzy times for all of us

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As long as you can use 4 to 5 teams that aren’t primarily red, i wouldn’t sweat it too much since greens play a smaller role in wars higher up when facing gm flanks

But that’s also assuming players typically plan on climbing up the ladder of competition

Defense droppers + neutral colors can get you by. Sure not ideal as rollin with 6 green heavy teams but can save the frustration later down the road when those 6 green heavy teams are ridin bench every war

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By chance, red is my strong suit, so in all-blue tank wars, I always end up with a mono-red team at the end. That actually works pretty often, but I’d rather go 3-2.

My thought is that the blue trend has been established for long enough to justify a response in bench strategy. A 2nd Melendor is going to help me more than a 2nd Boldtusk vs blue tanks.

Without knowing more specifics and your alliance and all that jazz, i don’t have any real advice

Other than use the red mono for a cleanup?

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