Wars advice - same colour tank method

My alliance is starting to do the same colour tank method. I understand the general reasoning behind it. A few questions:

  1. How much of a difference does it make?
  2. Which colour is best?
  3. What type of tanks are best? (E.g. ones that attack or ones that heal)
  4. Is it worth swapping out a good tank of
    different colour for an average - poor tank for the sake of the method? specific example: we are trying all red tanks, someone has swapped Marjana into the middle in place of Onatel, (both maxed). Imo Onatel is a killer tank, and Marjana is not a tank, is it worth swapping?

Alliance score: 90k
Wars score: 217k
Our individual team scores range from 2800 -4100. Average around 3500-3600 per team.
We have no real timing strategy in terms of coordinating hits, maybe a few prompts when we are close to whiping them out to clean the board.
We usually have overall around 12 hits remaining.

We used this method in the last war. All dark hero’s as tank. Seemed to have good results with it but it is hard to say for sure with only one sample. Both teams used all flags so that was not a variable. We chose dark as tank on the simple fact that several of us had fully leveled Kunchen. Seemed to be the most common shared tank. Good luck and please post results. I am curious to se how this method works for others.

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Your questions are very difficult to answer. As a starting point, I’d suggest you read this thread and try to draw your own conclusions.

That said, to the extent that I can answer this from personal experience, I’ll take a stab at it:

  1. Given the wide range in individual team scores I think there’s a very real chance that forcing everyone to use the same color tank will actually hurt your overall defensive strength. Yes, you will deplete the enemies stock of whatever color heroes. But that can be outweighed by the fact that so many players will be forced to line up a suboptimal defense.

I think this strategy works best if everyone has a strong tank option in the chosen color, which is more likely as all the players have deeper rosters (but let’s say having a higher team power is a decent proxy) - certainly not the case for at least half of your alliance it appears. I also think this strategy works better if teams are in a similar range. Again, your alliance is very far from being in this state. I mean none of this as a criticism of your alliance. In fact, mine is similar in composition.

  1. I think the ideal color depends on everyone’s roster. That said, I think it’s somewhat reasonable to guess the ‘best’ color for different team powers. At the very highest end it appears that yellow is the play, due mainly to Guinever (but also Delilah, Onatel, etc.). At some lower hard to identify point I personally think it may be blue, since most players will have a serviceable option. This is less about the blue tanks being the strongest (or even the green attackers being the weakest, neither of which I think is necessarily true) - it is mostly about ACCESSIBILITY. Everyone will have a Boril or a Kiril or even a Sonya, which are good enough.

  2. I don’t understand this. Class wouldn’t really matter and beyond element I’m not sure what you mean by “type.”

  3. Often no, which is kind of the point I’m trying to make in number one.

As I have not yet written enough, two final points:

  1. @Gryphonknight made an interesting point about an alternative semi-tank matching strategy here. It’s worth thinking about given the wide disparity in team powers in your alliance.

  2. Making one final point from personal experience, I recently fought in a war against an opponent that fronted all either blue and red tanks (about half of each). I had never encountered that before and thought it was interesting. That said, I again felt they sacrificed too much to shoehorn everyone into that strategy. For example, there were a number of five star heroes at 3.70, or Grimm tanks instead of more suitable options (e.g., moving max Kashhrek to flank when the opposite configuration would have been much stronger). I did have to monitor my blue and green hero usage, but again, I felt the defenses across the board were sacrificing too much for the strategy to be viable. We flipped them twice.


We run a unified tank in wars and have done do for over 5 months. Yes it can work to your advantage and in a well matched alliance where it does not compromise overall defence strength you will notice that towards the end of the war your defence teams take more attempts to kill.

But, and this is a big BUT, if players choose to attack with mono teams it does not matter what element a tank is as a mono team will get through what ever it wants to with a fair board. I will happily fight a Aegir tank with my mono Fire team.

I have found the thing that helps a war defence most is having all players at a similar strength without having teams that are 200-300 tp lower than others. Until your low end catches up to the top end the team with the best strategy will always win by killing the weakest as many times as possible and leaving the strong ones until a sweep must be forced


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