Tank Color?

Whats the benefit of the entire war defense teams using the same color tanks? I’ve had someone say we all should set our tanks to a specific color?, Why is that? I cannot figure out how that’s beneficial?

The benefit is that (in theory) because people often stack colour heroes to take out the tank that they will run out of those strong colour hereos early and hence be weaker later on.

So for example, a team might all tank blue heroes. On this example, the enemy players might aim to stack a couple greens into their attack teams… But by their 3rd or 4th attack they’ve run out of greens… So now their remaining flags have to be with neutral hero stacks (missing out on the elemental bonus).

It also means that an entire colour is “weak” against every tank.

In practice, unless your entire team has a decent tank in that colour it actually is worse off… Because you’re gaining a slight team advantage (that most 1/2 decent players can work around) but are sacrificing the individual power of (potentially) a large number of defences.


^^^ This

Though I believe the theory has been well proven.

I don’t remember the last time I saw mixed tanks. When I did, it was like a buffet. If I faced a team with mixed tanks, I can almost guarantee 6 wins for myself and much of my alliance.

Guvnor is also correct in pointing out that your alliance has to be at the level where it becomes a benefit. If your whole alliance has a full bench of at least thirty maxed 4-5 heroes you should probably be running matching tanks.

Just note that it doesn’t stop there. As you get higher, you will also switch to running matching flanks. It doesn’t give as much of a benefit, but it matters. It takes a huge commitment from your team and can be very costly in resources if you decide to change tank colors.


Personally I’ve not seen any evidence that it is beneficial.

I trialled it with my home alliance (We Are Groot Vol 2) which is a 260k alliance.
I tested tanking different colours (yellow, purple, blue and “field your best”)

The outcome was that the “field your best” actually resulted in the lowest overall enemy scores and lowest points per flag…

Not by much mind you (ppf was only 1-2 different between all varieties) but yeah…

I think it would be different if every player was fielding the absolute best tank in class (e.g. everyone tanking Guinevere/ costume Vivica or everyone tanking boss wolf/ Kunchen) and all tanks were emblemed… Then it would probably play a part but…


I agree with @Hcmitchellr on this one. While it is seldom at our level to see anything but unified tanks, we do occasionally run across them. It’s a joyful day in the alliance when that happens… we’ll, at least for us :laughing:

One of the strongest strategies we’ve faced (at least in war team strategy) are alliances that have a unified color scheme. By that I mean:

  • Rainbow teams
  • Unified tank color
  • Unified flanks
  • Corners are set to the weak color of the flanks

This takes a lot of coordination as well as investment in heroes, mats, emblems, etc. But for those running stacks, this took away stacking against the flanks once you run out of the strong color for the tank.


Strong only if the entire team can facilitate it…

Biggest issue is when you’re doing this strategy but people have limited options in colours. Then you have heroes stuck in positions that don’t help them… That’s when you get Aegir or Guin stuck in a wing…

I’m not saying it can’t work, just that it will likely diminish most alliances strength rather than enhance it… Unless all their members bat deep…


I think your point is reasonable: if your alliance has a significant proportion of players with limited hero choice then all fielding the same colour tank might not be optimal. But if you’re at the stage where everyone has multiple fully ascended 5* heroes in each colour, then going single colour tank is a no-brainier.


I think this is the first time anyone has heard a word out of u in a pretty long time

So tank color is the way to get brobb’s attention…will have to keep that in mind

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I think someone must have sacrificed a goat and said that bloody incantation again. Always happens when I settle down into a nice slumber.

Quoting yourself is pretty gauche, but hey, YOLO:


Still waiting to hear these thoughts(hope real life has improved btw, the attitude eh it’s probly a necessary element at this point, i tried goin the whole “nothin nice to say, say nothing at all route” after my big speech to the rest of the playerbase but seemed like it decreased the average iq of forum users by a significant amount so i still get a bit snarky to dampen the spread of idiocy)

I won’t clutter this thread any further than I already have with my incoherent musings. I’ll start a new thread in a few days so people can ignore me more easily.

Edit: I might even have some thoughts on the Path of Valour (note the correct spelling) by then.


That will work


Same color might really be better. What I was wondering is why 2 out of 3 alliances out there go blue and half the tank spots get filled with Magni. Kind of defeats the point. Why not go green where every regular 5star is a (half)decent tank. Or yellow, where half the alliance or more will have healer tanks, even Leonidas is pain in the butt after you spend all your darks

Where we are in the brackets, we’re seeing blue (most), and purple/yellow (about equally). We’re running yellow, but analyzing the possibility of switching to purple. I think a lot shy away from green tanks because most have strong reds for attack. Haven’t seen red tanks in a while (old alliance had them, though, and we did O.K.)

Agreed that I cheer internally when we come up against mixed tanks. We generally clean up in those wars, which are few and far between.

That’s a reasonable question. No way of knowing for sure, but I’m happy to speculate.

Firstly, it bears observing that my experience is slightly different to yours. Although I think I too see more blue tank alliances than any other colour, I’m not certain of that. Yellow Is very common, too. Maybe it’s 55-45, maybe it’s dead even, I suppose it’s even possible that I see more yellow tank alliances than blue.

I can understand why yellow tank alliances are so common: it’s Guin. When 75% of the players you face have a Guin tank, it can be a tough fight; you run out of Justice tanks to attack pretty quickly.

I think the reason blue tanks are popular is different. I think it’s not because there is any one brilliant blue tank, but rather because:

  1. There are a lot of pretty decent blue tanks (almost everyone at a high level can field something better than Magni);
  2. There is one quite good blue tank - Aegir, and
  3. There are not so many brilliant green tank busters - 4* green heroes are plentiful, punchy and adaptable, but 5* green heroes are not so great,

Anyway, that’s my theory.

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Your alliance is probably higher up the ladder, that is where all the Guin -heavy alliances go. If I got her I would probably consider ditching those blue guys.

Problem with Magni is that anything but red team can take him down. Any team, like 3blue plus 2 holy tear through him like paper towel

All the talks about strong color and tank busters IMO only mean smth in the first 2 waves, maybe third wave of remaining weak 4*'s, and then you have 3-4 more turns to go without

I think the reason for the many blue tanks in alliances are Kiril and Boril.
They make it easy to start blue when you are a young alliance and with Isarnia and Richard you have another 2 good vanilla tanks when the alliance rises.


In the top 100, purple dominates. However, I still see a some of top 10 running yellow and Ive even seen a red.

My alliance has switched ours 3 times and it is a chore. Lots of spread sheets, math and resources spent reseting emblems (though that last part we just did this last time).

  1. You have to have your team post their entire war roster bench on line or discord.

  2. Then you have to weigh out every tank.

  3. After you decide the best tank color you have, then you have to weigh out the wings and flanks to make sure you don’t push heroes in bad spots.

  4. Then you have to make sure you are not overlapping classes so you can maximize emblems

If any of the above doest work, you have to start over. The only piece of sanity you get in the whole process is knowing that Green is going to be in a wing.

Understand these are alliances that are running 4200+ team power defenses with few…if no 4*s and lots of emblems. Those way under that are probably just mimicking those at the top and might be doing themselves more harm than good.

This is my team and a typical example of what my alliance faces in war.

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