Matching Tanks vs. Strongest Defense for Alliance Wars

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In wars today the general consensus seems to be for all teams to field the same color tank. Some alliances go as far as to have matching flanks as well. How does this strategy play out in mid level alliances whose players may not have the roster depth to field an appropriate color tank. Should the rest of the team still go with matching color allowing a few to field the best defense possible with their available roster? Or should the whole alliance just use their best defensive setups until all teammates can level an appropriate color tank to match. Any advice would be appreciated. :blush:

With appropriate tanks it would still be the best strategy.

A full Inari tanks-team for example would be worse than a full Kashhrek tanks-team.

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First and foremost, same tank color need a cooperative and active alliance. If yours (or any other) alliance is not so organized, leave them be. It just annoying people.

Second, if you want to go same color, and you want to do it in the best possible way, you have to choose the color which all your team have better heroes.
Useless go yellow or red because all top alliances use that colors. Usually in mied-tier the best colors are green (kashrek) or blue (regular green attackers suck) but it can be that all your team have better purples, just for example. So i suggest to do a list of all the heroes per player and color.

Third, if half or even a third of your team no matter the color have not a good or a levelled hero of the color you choose, same color tank can be worse then better.


We just went up against an alliance last war that tried an all-blue tank defense. It wasn’t pretty as they were sacrificing stronger defenses just to have the same color tank. 1 team even fielded a 2* tank just to go with the all-blue tank strategy. We wiped them in the fiirst 2 hours…

I agree with @Elpis… For a mid-level alliance it’s a good idea to find which color of STRONG TANKY heroes (leveled or unleveled) the majority of the alliance has. Decide on the color and have each player focus on getting that hero viable as a tank. Don’t have them swap the hero in before it’s ready as it will work against the alliance.

Not all players may have a strong hero of that color. That’s ok. Some are better than none. Those that don’t have that color should use their strongest team. Those that have the same color tank will still be irritating as well as those that don’t :laughing:


Thanks everyone. Another suggestion I got that may help others is if a member doesn’t have a good tank in the color have them double the tank color on the wings instead.


On the flank. Sorry. Not enough coffee yet. So if blue tanks but they don’t have a strong blue have them use double blue on flanks instead :woman_facepalming:t3:


I’d be a little careful with this. Kashh tank + blue flanks = all-you-can-eat buffet for a green stack. At least in my experience.


Agree, better with one Blue and one Red surrounding Kashhrek.


Our alliance goes best lineup.

Every War we face same color tank. We win about 4 out of every 5 wars, exceptions being if participation is off. But if both sides fully participate, we win more than we lose.

(We’re also recruiting, if people like winning Wars! USA Dream Team)


Very good point. Trying to get all members to join a line group so someone can look at rosters and see what works best. It’s hard when only half the team is in the chat group though


Word. This caused chaos in my old alliance. My personal favorite was when someone tried to list his roster one by one in alliance chat :dizzy_face:


When wars first started and our rosters weren’t deep enough for everyone to use the same color tank, we had everyone choose between 2 colors. Based on our rosters, we had everyone tank with either yellow or blue, then one flank would also be yellow or blue (whichever wasn’t used as tank) and the other flank would be purple for a yellow tank (I don’t remember what flank we used for the blue tanks).


As a rule of thumb, ide say if your alliance score is below 130k it’s probably not worth it to coordinate tank color.

We have a score of 127k, and every time we face a team that does it, there are many opponent with tanks like Grimm or Caedmon that we can take out rather easily without even doubling up on tank color. You need to have almost all of your team have a good tank of the chosen color to start doing it.


Hello, my alliance had similar discussions amongst each other and decided to roll out same color tank. Our alliance score is around 130k war score is 331k. I think were a mid level alliance, perhaps at the upper portion of mid.

Anyway with ours we looked at rosters and chose red because probably 12-15 of us had GM. Another 10 had boldtusk or Gormek and 1 Ares and a few misc. 4 and 5* not meant to tank. I unfortunately rolled with Colen for a month before pulling Gormek and switching to him.

The reason we did the swap was it was a good strategy we could use that is what I consider static, in that set it and dont have to worry about timing and coordinating like you need to with offensive starts.

We also have a harder time when our opponent does this by far. When they are pretty evenly rainbow we usually win by a fair margin. Hope that helps.

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That’s odd! Our alliance score is 123K and our war score is 390k.

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Dbl checked and its 341k but currently not full and have a few opted out, so currently fielding 25 war teams. Might be where the difference comes in.


Oh no. I mean at least set 5 at a times as defense so someone can take SS. Even then it’s so unorganized and what should take 4 pictures takes 20. :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Our current alliance score is 137529 with a war score of 420159. I’m newer to the group but they don’t really have someone designated to do war strategy. I believe there had been turmoil in the past over wars. They were doing blue tank red flanks but not everyone was participating. Someone had a Mits tank. Someone had to run a Grimm. And the more I’ve read it seems most suggestions say it’s either all or nothing. So it made me question is having those 3-5 teams with different colors or blue heroes not meant to tank were making a big impact. They have a pretty good winning record but we lost the last one by quite a bit. Trying to get everyone’s rosters now and see if any more tips come up.

Thanks for all the input everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Probably depends how strong your strong color is, if that makes sense lol. Imho it really has to be all or nothing, that is based off of facing many alliances with a variety of setups. Same color tank for 25 and 5 use a 2nd color I feel was an easier matchup than 30 using same color but 5-10 have a weaker tank.

In our alliance so many had gotten lucky with GM and most had mats. Those who didn’t could field Gormek or Boldtusk who are great, and a few of us had Kellie scarlett or Colen but all red was the best way for us to go do to GM and a few Ares.

It took us 3-4 wars at least before everyone was on same page and got the message, but since then we have improved our tanks and it feels like an advantage that doesnt require really any effort.

The pushback by a few was easily convinced. Mainly due to we are not asking anyone to attack with only certain heroes, set the defense and obviously they control themselves. So it really shouldn’t effect anyone’s enjoyment, and set your raid defense however you like.

I think gathering up the roster info will allow you to make a solid decision. If your spread amongst all colors and you could argue for 3 or 4 colors being strong but also very weak to quite a few then wait it out. This strat could definitely be worse for you if you dont have a scenario like ours above.


Anyone know if anyone has already created a spreadsheet tracker for each members heroes. Something where you could look at the numbers as a whole. We have X GMs, Y Guin, 14 reds. Or anything similar?

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