Sharan Talent Grid

I’m embleming her because I think she can be fun for Class Quests since she is a Red Ranger.

Which one you think is a better option? 6 Def + 15 ATK or 36 Health + %2 Mana regen?

As you see I already picked the second one but I might reset. You only need 20 Emblems to fully emblem a 1*.

Short answer, pick Defense Multipler & Attack+15 for every Ranger.

Long answer:

Not to discourage you from playing the way you want, but even my fully emblemed Gill-Ra, Gunnar, Balthazar and Rudolph have trouble surviving in the last levels of their class quests.

Click to see pictures of them fully emblemed

Keep in mind these are maxed and fully emblemed 3* heroes having trouble in the last level of class quests – they are useful while they’re alive but they can’t take much abuse before clocking out.

So I don’t imagine it’s any better with a 1* hero.
Screenshot_20200115_102622_com.smallgiantgames.empires Screenshot_20200115_102627_com.smallgiantgames.empires Screenshot_20200115_102614_com.smallgiantgames.empires

Now if you still want to go with a 1* on a class quest, then I’d say for Rangers the most important thing is attack – their tree and talent naturally fits that route. I doubt defensive boosts will help out Sharan much anyways, so attack all the way is what I’d do.


But Sharan is a healer(with no offensive skill) and she has innately lower attack and higher defense.

I’m not sure about treating her like you would treat another ranger and go “all attack” on her tree.

I actually did pick defense on all branches and this specific branch I asked was the only one I was having second thoughts on. :thinking:

Still pick the left path, because defense is more important for taking hits.

But 295 defense + 628 HP and at +18… yikes. That’s comparably as bad as – if not worse than – Muggy with no emblems (373 defense + 420 HP). I’d expect your Sharan+18 to only take 2 hits before dying, just like Muggy in his class quest final levels.

A dead hero can at least still contribute to match damage though, which means the attack nodes would still contribute something after she dies.


Actually I never said I’ll use her on the last level of Class Quest lol. I’m not even level 30 yet.

I think I will reset and pick the left path on this branch but I will still pick defense instead of attack on all other branches.

As I found a moderator, wandering off the subject a little; what do you think of %2 Mana recovery? Would you say Mana recovery bonuses are more useful for heroes that have faster Mana speeds or slower Mana speeds? Or does it not really make a difference?

Do you emblem Mana recovery for heroes that already has Fast Mana speed? Or how does it work?

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With very few exceptions, I never use the mana node when spending emblems. It doesn’t make a difference on most heroes unless they are combined with other mana speed buffs.

The only exception I made was Lancelot from Avalon. But that’s because his +24% mana boost combined with the mana node makes him a fast speed hero after he uses his skill once. :stuck_out_tongue: Again, these are very specific cases and typically only useful when combined with other mana boosting heros like Friar Tuck or Ariel.

For the maths on that, this topic lists the mana speeds you need to shave off 1 shield from a match to charge hero speeds, and also lists the %s that each mana troop boosts speed by: Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed (Now including Ninja Heroes) - #3 by thing2


Considering you are using 1* heroes for class quests I will guess you don’t have lvl17 mana troop, which means +2% mana node does literally nothing for your sharan. To answer your question which heroes benefit from +2% mana node, it is the slow or average heroes. If you have lvl11 mana troop the mana node will shave 1 tile off the charge time of a slow hero. If you have lvl17 mana troop the mana node will shave 1 tile off the charge tile of an average hero. But without the mana troops, the mana node does nothing.


Thanks for everything but I think mana recovery does affect how much mana you gain from mana potions.
I know it doesn’t say it in the text but this is how I experienced it. (I have 4* Green Mana troops )

Test it again. It will always take 4 minor mana potions to charge a hero starting with zero mana. 25% mana is 25% mana.