Ranger emblem to lianna or baldur

Hi all , I hv shared my defense team and heroes roster here , plz advice

My embleming principles:

  1. Highly or fully emblem a hero if such is on raid and/or war defense;

  2. Highly or fully emblem an average mana generating hero (opting for the mana bonus node in the talent tree) if it is neither a rogue or ranger and you can only support such hero with a level 17 mana troop for such hero to fire the special in 9 favorable tiles and thus have a better timing synergy using their skills with your other fast heroes;

  3. Highly or fully emblem a hero if they are a permanent fixture in most facets of the game, whether for offense, defense or support, i.e. raids, titans, wars, maps, quests, ninja tower and events;

  4. If the hero is niche or only serve in some limited functions, it is still best to emblem them lightly just for them to have an increase in stats as well as being able to use their talent, odds of which on how much talent is put on the hero.

Generally, I share emblems on most of my heroes.


A boring but obvious answer, which do you use more? Chances are neither are on your defense…if so I’d split them up because they are both very useful. If either are on your defense team, I’d give them the emblems.



I planned to hv baldur on defense

I think you will be happy with Baldur on defense , if you plan to put him on wing (less tile dmg to destroy his shield) and your other heroes have some options to stale game for him to cast .

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My baldur all attack path apart from the one mana node to get him to 9 tiles.

I absolutely love my baldur but for offense you need to set him up in a team that supports his special, ie long battle of attrition/survivability

On map and any pve stages he is awesome

He has raised my green titan scores despite the perception that his special would slow things down too much

He is not the best in defense but is serviceable

I stripped my lianna of all her emblems to get him up


hmm… thank you for sharing his offensive path stats Homaclese :slight_smile:

I thought with him, going for balanced approach or complete defense, since (just my reasoning) with low % special (165%), even if i increase his attack, that wont result in much increase in dmg (unlike with snipers who have 400+% specials). But buffing his defense would make his 1000hp shield hell lot stronger.

Besides, if you pair him with attack buffers on defense, he will get extra boost there…

That’s why it is so important imo to go attack. He will do thousands of damage in a long game and the difference in each hit will add up. Also it makes him that much more effective for titans

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Okay, I understand your reasoning know, but I am still on the fence :slight_smile:
Would love to see comparison between two types of Baldurs (offensive and defensive) in dmg, so the discussion would have more merrit :wink:

I have baldur at +18 and use him alot.

One usage that I haven’t seen mentioned in this thread is Baldur in tank role in VF war/tourny I haven’t tried it myself but I met an opponent who did this and I got destroyed cause it was nearly impossible to kill Baldur. (his baldur had gone the defense route with emblems) He was sitting at +3000hp and constantly healing for 1000hp was a nightmare

I can provide videos of his damage but you would need someone that has him with a defensive build as a comparison point…

As a point of reference though in my battle of attrition team he very, very rarely dies before getting his special off… and when he does the overheal keeps him alive very well. That is why I don’t feel he needs more defensive boosts than he has gotten through the attack path. If he does die… it generally means things have gone very, very wrong and as a point of fact my whole team is dying…

if I understand you correctly, you are talking about using him on offense, but the OP is asking for Baldur on defense and its where im curious as well…

But dmg difference (off vs def) would love to see it done on offense :slight_smile:

I am glad I found a fellow admirer of Baldur, who are usually rare :slight_smile:

As u said i feel very happy to play with him in attacks, he helped a lot in almost lost situation to win by doing auto attacks every turns . Thanks .


So, what is his emblem status?

I have Gazelle at +19 and I have level 17 mana troops for her, will taking her to +20 (Druid) drop a tile?

That’s great!

I use Baldur in the following:

  • Green titans
  • Almost all PVE stages (excluding those S4 stages where red is penalised)
  • Battle of attrition raid/war team where I specifically hut out Freya tanks with little healing and not too many strong attackers. It might sound very niche but it is not as niche as it sounds with a team matching that criteria found in almost every war. if I see Krampus, Freya and Sif I know it will likely be a good matchup for my team

Still loving him!

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We are out of topic (sorry, guys).

I have my Gazelle supported by a level 25 mana troop and she shaved one tile requirement for her mana to be charged from 10 tiles to only 9 tiles. Actually, you need only a level 23 mana troop to do the same. If you fully emblem her, her 20th talent node provides +4% mana troop. That means, you only need to support her with a 11 mana troop and she can fully charge her mana with only 9 yellow tiles.

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I dont understand why anyone would think, that you need a healer in a team setup…

I prefer to go all damage :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m pretty jealous… the only suggestion I’d make is swap out one of the tyrs for wilbur…

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But wilbur doesnt have self heal like all those 5 :frowning:

i understand you wish to include him from increasing dmg perspective (def down)?

Aegir could work though… Would be interesting to see, if those 15% heals from attack apply to Baldurs specials… probably not like with other specials…

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