Help a stranger with emblems from a ranger

OK, that’s my defense Team!

It’s quite good (between 2400 and 2600 cups)
But as you see, there are two greens and two reds. And even two Rangers, Evelyn and Red Hood.

I want to change my team and need your help.

Should I use my maxed Seshat and give her all my rangers emblems, including them from Red Hood and Evelyn? (I’ve got two reset coins)
And how should I change my set up?

Here are my other 5* beside Seshat.

Thank you all in advance!

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I would put all the talents on evelyn because she is super nice with your zeline

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I think your defence is fine but if you want it changed I am not a good defence builder :smile:

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Okay, thanks. I know, Evelyn plus Zeline is a brutal combo!

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They always kill me :cry:

Good luck with your responses

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Some points i would change:

  • Evelyn-Zeline duo is great, but much better with a red tank. That Richard even if it has the best talent for tank position (the shield) is totally unnecessary.

  • So from point n.1 i would swich your tank using Zimkitty (if you want the double green) or another of your choice (probably Drake is the best?)

  • I would not split same talent emblems onto 2 different heroes in your shoes. Pick one and don’t look back.

  • All your rangers are extremely good heroes. Healers like Hood are always useful in attack, but if we are talking about defence (and considering bloody battles in raids tournaments) i would looking more for Seshat or Evelyn. Again, it may depends if you want to go with double greens or rainbow.

Thank you!

I set Zimkitha to the left instead as a tank cause of her attack buff. So that the following heroes can use the Attack bonus.

Richard in the middle with his high defence.

I will try now the following team:

Drake, Evelyn, Zimkitha, Zeline, Seshat

Love that team.
I probably use exactly the same.

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