What would you do? Defense and Emblems

Hi All,

I’m really not sure what my best defense is, and which emblems should be where at this point.

The Contending Heroes:

Guin +10
Ursena +9
Seshat +9
Kingston +9
Kage +9
Mother North

I’m thinking of two potential lineups, and I’m leaning towards the first one, though as I just pulled MN like an hour ago, I really want to find a way to include her on my team:

Finley - Kage - Guin - Ursena - Kingston or Mother North - Finley - Uresena - Poseidon - Kage or something like that.

What defense would you guys use? And then for the emblems, should I move my emblems from Seshat to Finley (I’m leaning on doing that)? And who should get the cleric emblems, Ariel or Mother North? If I go with an Ursena tank, should I switch emblems from Kingston to Poseidon?

Thanks for the help guys

Mother North - Finely - Guinevere - Ursena - Kingston

Give your ranger’s emblems to Finley, attack & defense route.
Give your cleric’s emblems to Mother North, defense & HP route.
Kingston is good as your emblemed fighter but I would try to put a red hero instead of him.

Thanks for the reply, like that lineup.

Red is where I’m pretty weak unfortunately. Have Marjana and Grazul, that’s it.

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Marjana is actually pretty good on defense thanks to her rogue class. Just ask others, how many times she evaded direct hit from a special, my highest would be 4.

My vote would actually be:

Finley -> Kageburado -> Guinevere -> Ursena -> Kingston

Shift the ranger emblems from Seshat to Finley.

I personally don’t see any need to have a reviver on the team… They don’t really do much from my personal raiding experience… And Finley is far more devastating then a healer in the corner…

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