Ranger Emblem Dilemma

I was planning to start working on Magni and Kingston (along with Joon, eventually Grazul and possibly Boss Wolf) as decided by this post.

However, today I finally maxed my first ranger (Tibby) and I realized I have enough to take him to +18.

I also have Triton at 3/60 and Buddy at 1/1.

So here’s my dilemma.

Should I:

Give them to Tibs?
Max Triton and/or Buddy and give them to one (or both) of them before moving onto my 5s?
Spread them around to all 3?
Work on Lianna instead of Kingston and give them to her?
Follow this suggested Sharan grid and call it a day? :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have enough mats to do a 4 blue and/or green and still be able to max the 5s (1 shield short but shouldn’t be a problem)

Any words of wisdom?

My roster is included in the previous post:

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Actually, a lot depends on your progress with the game. If you’re just starting out it makes sense to work on your 4*, but giving Tibs emblems…
I wouldn’t. But, I’ve been playing nearly a year and have some nice purples. I have Tibs maxed and never use him.

My vote is Kingston, yesterday, today and always given your choices.

Lol so who should get the emblems?

With Tibs maxed that makes 16 4s. I have enough mats for almost a rainbow set of 5s (just missing a ring, a dart and 3 orbs) so I feel like I’m ready to start working on a couple. The question is whether I pause my current plan to have a different ranger option. I hate the idea of leaving 400 emblems untouched.

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400 emblems don’t go far when you’re putting emblems on your 5*. I tend to emblem those heros I use often.

If you can see you’d be using Tibs often, like I said I wouldn’t, cos I don’t. But if you do emblem away, although be mindful you may want to strip those emblems one day if say you get a Seshat, or Lianna or Alasie or… :smile:.

Btw Love Buddy and maxed him as his def down is awesome. He’s on my green mono team.

Do you use Tiburtus against yellow titan and Buddy against blue titan? Do you use Wilbur?

Do you have other purple heroes with regular defense down such as Chesire Cat or Kunchen?

How many stars is the current titan of your alliance?

We were hitting 11/12s but we just had a mini alliance meltdown so we’ll probably be dropping down to 9. I’ve primarily been using Wilbur, sometimes Grimm. Now that he’s maxed I’ll probably use Tibs on yellow titans. Buddy is still at 1/1, but he would probably see use on blue ones when he eventually gets maxed. I have Cheshire Cat, but not leveled. No kunchen. Maybe I’ll get lucky next week but I’m not holding my breath.

Yeah the only 5 ranger I have is lianna and she’s behind Kingston in the queue, so I figure I should stick them on someone in the meantime.

At this point I’m leaning towards just pausing my efforts on Magni or Kingston to give them to either Triton or Buddy.

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Chesire Cat defense down is bigger than Tiburtus and her class is sorcerer which do not have many great heroes except Ursena/Mitsuko. Unless you have a good sorcerer, you can level and emblem Chesire Cat for yellow titan instead of Tiburtus.

Wilbur is great against titan, but if you can survive without Wilbur, using 4 purple + 1 of Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Kong is the best approach (1 of the purple must have defense down).

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Buddy is one of the best 4*, a king in 4* tournament… and good against blue titan. I will pick Buddy over Triton.