🔵 [Sept 27, 2020] Trials of Nature – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

I hate this trial, because Vela is my only 5* in these two classes and I don’t have a 4* healer either.

Went with Vela+8, Cademon +19, Tibertus +20, Mireweave, and Ciao.

Made it through the first two stages with no problems. Had to nuke them from orbit in the final wave of stage 3 due to lack of healers.


Trainer to shrubbear


To try something different, I considered swapping out Lianna for RH, but that would compromise raw fire power for dicey red tile damage. At the end, I returned back to same team as the last time.

All bosses fired once or twice , but no threat to my team, Chao chose to attack Seshat and resist popped up in response, Seshat debuffs Brienne’s, Zim cleanses Groot’s attack down etc…great board! the battle went smoothly and quicker without the need for items.

Trainer going to Zocc, emblems all saved.


Lineup as last time, Melendor+9, Evelyn+7, Seshat+10, Vela+9, Neith+1. Horghall+4 among many others on the bench.
Had to revive Neith twice due to bad timing, it was eagle-boy down first, then big-guy and finally Brienne. At the moment Khagan is one of my projects, so maybe one day those masses of red tiles will be useful. Trainer to c.Lianna, another current project, emblems stored for Vela and don’t know yet. Too many good options.


Same team as last time used a few health and one time stop.

Emblems Athena druid storage trainer zeline


Gullinbursti - Caedmon +3+c.bonus - Vela +6 - Melendor +7+c.bonus - Tiburtus +11+c.bonus

Finished smoothly, without items. With Gulli doubling health, i could save Melendor’s special to dispel Brienne’s boost, the most annoying thing in this trial.

Emblems will go to Tiburtus as soon as i’ll have some resources to use and probably to Vela for a couple more nodes. I’m thinking to bring her to +10 and then starting embleming some 4* (yeah, boar, i’m talking about you).
Trainer to Brynhild.
Probably there will never be reset emblems anymore from trials.


Tried a 3-2 stack. Got terrible boards but ground through with a couple of antidotes.

Emblems banked. Trainer to Jott. No reset emblem … how long has it been?


This is my strongest trial and I need druid emblems

C Rigard +18 - Freya +3 - Buddy +18 - Gregorian +6 - Vela + 18

No items needed


My team:

No items used.

The new emblems will go to second Lianna and Melendor.




My first Class Trial! :partying_face:

Granted, I only have the team power to take on the very first stage, but still, I get to participate in something that all the high and mighty are talking about - much joy!

I guess it´s useless information if I start to answer the questions, given how new I still am, so perhaps next time it comes around, I can be of use in the vote-pool :slight_smile:


Team last time/ Team this time

Changed the team up this time, no healer, no items (it looks like I used time stops, but that’s just all I came with… Time to go shopping at the forge). All these trials went really fast for me, without a healer I was using everyone’s specials more often to protect my team and clear boards faster, this made them go very fast in comparison to my normal style of holding specials for last stage. Anyway, had fun with this one.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Frida who is now at 3/70 waiting on 2 scopes.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change.
Other Option


Not so good start,… but some heroes mana charged.

Alby and Rigard-C died, and still survive without items… :wink:


Emblem druid, still not yet decided, maybe for Gullinbursti, Ranger for Tiburtus. Trainer keep it for later.


Keep it up! You’ll make it to the end soon! (Note that team power limits are just recommendations – it may be worth trying your luck on the second tier, unless you are blocked because of player level.)


After starting 3rd stage I realized I didn’t include Melendor to dispel Brienne’s buff. Halfway through the stage I realized Vela now debuffs attack of everybody and overwrites Brienne’s buff so it was okay. I’m starting to like her nerf more and more.

Anyway the fight was easy, given that and also Gullinbursti’s HP boost, so I could stack some HP before last round. Emblems will go to Lianna and either Saruman or Gullinbursti. Probably the war pig. Trainer cryogenically frozen until his assistance will be needed.



Wasn’t paying attention and Vela died against the final bosses, but that was the only hiccup. Ranger emblems to Finley, Druid emblems to Master Lepus, trainer hero to Ratatoskr (2/40).


Finished without using any battle items (the 1st time in this class trial, 2nd overall on all class trials)

The difference is now i bring Kadilen 3.70 and Monster Bacon Gullinbursti 4.65 (yeah, both not maxed yet but trully a gamechanger here). Full squad are: Liana, Buddy, Triton, Kadilen,Gullinbursti

Triton boost Gulin’s heal. so when i reach the last stage, all of my heroes are already have 200% health. Buddy reduce the boss attack, and Kadilen protect against their special attack. All but triton survive the battle.

Trainer goes to Caedmon (Because my zocc already maxed)


Late post for posterity. My team this time:

  • Noble Rigard +20
  • Tiburtus +c20
  • Vela +7
  • Lianna 4^55
  • Buddy +19

Switched out Caedmon +18 for my home-stretch Lianna. Maybe should have waited until she’s finished/emblemed, but I’m eager. That’s all the changes to my personnel, but I believe this is the first time through with post-second-balance Vela, which gives me another way to counter Brienne’s attack buff. (That doesn’t make it OK that Vela has now been “adjusted” twice when the real problem is Telly; I miss my extra damage against red.)

Nothing important in the mob waves other than the usual concerns about making sure everyone gets to the bosses fully charged, which they did. Bonus: ended up with purple and blue diamonds on the board. That put me off to a great start, but then the board went very red and yellow, and I almost messed up by letting Groot fire with Brienne’s buff. Ultimately, that only cost me Tiburtus, although two others ended up in red after that. But I regrouped to take out Groot first, then Chao, and finally Brienne with no items used and no other real danger presented.

Chao got another talent on a previous stage, but again, those emblems are going to Lianna as soon as she’s ready. (In the interim, they make Chao better on my war bench.) Druid emblems saved for Vela’s really expensive 8th talent. Trainer hero to - who else? - Lianna. :bow_and_arrow:


Just wanted to follow up on this and admit that yes, I’m an idiot. I have a Melendor+3 healer, but I went Full Gandulf the White with him after I got the costume. You should never go Full Gandulf the White, because he’s a wizard, the traitor, and Gandulf the Gray-Green is a Druid.

This game is a total mind :eggplant: sometimes

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Thank you so much for the encouragement! I managed that Tavern challenge at least, using a lot of consumables, so you are very right; no one should stay away from trying, just because of the recommendations! :slight_smile:

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