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4* challenge Athena out Triton in also gaderius out bring in the boar!!! Used two time stops I should of took sml green instead as could of used them instead to cleanse horguall. Oh well :woman_shrugging:

Druid in storage ranger Athena trainer bryhild


4* challenge, here we go!! Lots of options for this one. With C Rigs and Tibs, going green/ purple seemed logical. But … all my boards have been lacking purple tiles lately. Also, I did have enough heroes for a green mono. So green mono it was!

Melendor - Caedmon - Buddy - C. LJohn - Jack O’Hare

Except, level 1 and 2 … all I seemed to be getting was yellow tiles! So out goes mono and Gullinbursti to replace Melendor.

Mobs were easy peasy. Entered final board with all heroes maxed well over 2k HP each, specials charged and loads of yellow tiles on the board. Tiles dried up a bit then, and all the bosses piled onto poor Jack bunny. Couldn’t save him but killed the bosses with all other heroes still at boosted max hp. Couple of antidotes used.

Emblems banked. Trainer to Jade.


No items no reset.
Trainer to Gulli #3.
Emblems to Gulli #1.
Rangers to Buddy.


4* challenge by default, as my eligible 5* (lianna, horghall and kadilen) are all still at 1/1. Benched:
C-sonya (cleanse already in rigard, tritons hits harder and weak against green), gadeirus (heal and attackbuff already done by rigard),
Chao and mireweave (weak and no emblems).
Mobs went fine. Lost triton to a buffed slash, just before melendor could heal. Used a few mana and some antidotes against horghall attackdown.

Trainer to finish skittleskull, so I can finish her costume and then finally do caedmon and costume.


4* only challenge
No items used. Glad I went heavy on healers.

My Regular Team:


Challenge Team:




4* challenge…

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

All 5* are out, 2nd Tibs (only costume maxed, so he is 4.1 as ranger) and Gullinbursti in…

Other options


Nice start at boss stage with boost HP and some of minnion.

Finished without items,… :+1:


Emblems druid keep for last node Alby, Ranger maybe for Buddy to +8, so that I can use mana lvl 17 (almost there) to make it 9 tiles. Trainer goes to Lianna.


My team this time:

  • Noble Rigard +20
  • Tiburtus +c20
  • Vela +10
  • Lianna +5
  • Buddy +19

Compared to last time, Vela is up 3 talents, and Lianna reached max and started getting ranger emblems, so she’s up 5 talents. Really want to strip Chao +17 for Lianna, but I still need Chao on late war teams.

This is not as good as my ranger/paladin crew, but the attack up + def down combo is very helpful. You can crush entire mob waves with it, if used strategically. Was holding everyone charged during the final mob wave, but had trouble finding tiles, so I ended up having to fire Rigard to keep everyone alive, and entered the boss wave without him charged and without his buff active, which isn’t ideal. I did have a green diamond on the board, though.

I focused on Horghall, because I still remember the painful lesson of letting Brienne buff him and then letting him fire. Never again, if I can help it. He fired once, but I reversed it with Rigard, then took him down with Lianna. And that’s pretty much when purple disappeared from the board. It was terrible. But for a few ill-chosen targets by the AI, this could have gone badly. I used 3 axes to counter Brienne’s buff and keep everyone kicking, but Tiburtus spent most of the second half of the fight in critical health. Finally got a cascade to off Chao, then took down Brienne without further incident.

Just short of the needed emblems for Lianna and Vela to gain a talent, so no movement there. Trainer hero to Almur.


My team:

No items used.

The new emblems will go to second Lianna and Caedmon.


I got this with the following team: (4☆ challange)


No items used this time

Druid emblem to Gilinbursti
Ranger emblem i will keep because i dont have a maxed 5☆ ranger yet and my Bai yeong isnt the best 5☆ to emblem(hes at 3.70)

Trainer to Francine


Another 4-star challenge

Previous team

Had to bench Neith for Chao

Looking pretty good at the start of boss stage

Used a Tornado when Mireweave was hurt - I hate losing any heroes LOL

At this point,I decided to use one more tornado and a fire bomb to reduce their damage

After the tornado and fire bomb

Maybe I should have tried my luck without using battle items

One note Emblem Level for Neith and need a few more for Kadilen.


Back with another installment of 4 star only challenge by @Muchacho. I am really loving this as I am getting the chance to use heroes whom I generally ignore.

Anyway, following was the team used. So decided to use 3-2 strategy to increase tile damage rather than rely on specials. My strongest 4 stars in these two classes are RigardC and Caedmon, so had to build the team around them. Doubled up on purple for extra damage against Chao, and triple green neutral against the other two bosses. Gadeirus was my choice for putting between Tiburtus and Caedmon, thus giving the hitters some fire power and protection at the same time.

The board play was faily simple. Had a good setup before entering boss wave. As planned, I focussed all specials on Chao, and took him out fairly quickly. Brienne buff was not an issue as I had two dispellers. Horghall hit was mostly neutralized by Rigard and Gadeirus. Used one antidote, and one bomb, just to hasten things up, could have done without them too. All emblems and trainer hero hoarded for now.

My usual team:


My team was

Last time I did not have Tiburtus and Melendor. So I had to use 3 :star2: heroes and some battle Items as Horghall hit very hard with Brienne special.
But not this time. Melendor debuffed and 2 Gullinbursti meant, I could play some turns even with eyes closed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was easy, just kept playing, Horghall did fire 4 times, couple of times with Brienne’s boost but Gullins’ HP boost was too much for him. In the end It was an easy win.

I think it does qualify as a 4 :star2: challenge, but Gullinbursti made sure it wasn’t much of challenge.


Gullinbursti +3 - C.Domitia +10 - Vela +8 - Melendor +c.bonus +few emblems - Tiburtus +c.bonus +20
Double health is always the gamechanger, and with Vela’s attdown and Domitia/Melendor’s dispel even that super annoying Brienne is not scary. So i could target Chao from the start and avoid the manacut, the only thing left to be a little bit troublesome.
It’s just a long battle, not being able to hit too much hard.

Druid emblem accumulating to bring Vela to +10 before starting to emblem more and more 4*, ranger emblem in stock until i decide whether to use them on Triton or on some 3*.
Trainer to Merlin the fancy magician.


Congrats to everyone so far! Some really cool write-ups and lots of Gadeirus and Jack O’hare sightings!

Here is the team:

… and the bench:

It went pretty smooth but I did have some surprises. Buddy’s minions added to survivability and his A drop helped remove Brienne’s boost, I had 2 dispellers in Caedmon and Melendor to also remove Brienne’s boost. I brought c-LJ for big time tile damage and the dodge could help with Horghall. Tiburtus came to prolong the D drop from Buddy and is strong on Chao. My only other option would be a Chao of my own, which I opted against.

Things went pretty well and as expected. There isn’t a whole lot to comment on except for one big time surprise. At one point when Brienne’s A boost was active a slash attack from Brienne killed Caedmon when he was around 550 HP and had a minion in front of him. My Caedmon +20 so his stats are boosted too. That is an AMAZING slash hit and I admittedly had no idea that could happen. Good thing I had 3 options to counter Brienne because that happened fairly early :laughing:.

LJ’s dodge helped against Horghall when he did fire and also made Chao miss once. I am really starting to get in LJ lately. Him not in costume is a huge part of my 4* advanced Morlovia team too. I just got LJ so late in the game for me he never really factored in. Cool hero though. He may get barbarian emblems when Gretel is to +18 (currently 16 or so). Other option is Azlar who I am very :no_mouth: about.

Side note: I will try to finish that using only 4’s. I am halfway through advance and haven’t had that much trouble yet :crossed_fingers:

Anyways, apologies. I got side tracked. Ranger emblems I am debating on. I have c-Lianna at +4. I am debating if I bring her to +7 am then start Athena or if I get Athena to +4 and then alternate. They’re both great heroes in my roster deserving of emblems.

Druid’s emblems I am banking. My current project is Elkanen to 80 (finally finished Justice) and after that comes Guillinbursti (pending some awesomeness in my Morlovia summons). I am considering resetting Kadilen +4 to get Guillinbursti beefed (porked?) up faster. Kadilen doesn’t see a lot of play time for me, but Guillinbursti will as my only yellow healer (finally!). I am excited for Guillinbursti. Maybe not @Noble_Weasel with Thorne excitement, but excited. (Kidding :laughing:)

Trainer to Elkanen.



Cool match @JussufSegelbaer, certainly built the drama :+1:

Good luck on stage 3 @Gwniver, be sure to let us know how it goes! :crossed_fingers:

Congrats on Tarlak @Oliz! I am jealous.

All good @Sarah2. I had to redo some vanilla challenge events because I usually do the mid week one at 5 am when I wake up and would forget so a Gretel would sneak in or something and I would realize after the fact :rofl:

Cool video @Olmor, thanks.

Congrats on the Caedmon costume @WaVe! He is amazing. Mine is +20 and his attack value is like almost 780 or something! I don’t keep dupes so having that additional cleanser at fast mana is awesome!

Cool Mireweave sighting @BigSlick!

Congrats on the first with @Abhi!


4* challenge. Was not too bad🤙🏼

5* team


Cool @Mallix. Kind of funny to see it can be done without too much additional trouble with a 600 TP reduction in team strength. Right on :facepunch:



This was my team:

I changed the items: I carried dragon attacks, bombs, arrows and super mana potions (to charge Noor and nuke if neccesary)

I wanted to save items for the bosses and didn´t spend mana to charge Noor, it was a mistake: lost Belith at 1st wave due to mobs slash damage. After I charged Noor for 1st the rest of the waves weren´t very hard. I entered the bosses full minions and they dealt 10-35 damage per hit

This is the end:

Emblems and trainer will be saved for now.


Probably should have brought costumed Little John instead of Mireweave, but I often overlook the costumes I’m not using for these events. Need to be more aware next time.

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4* Challenge

It had been so long since I used Chao that I forgot that I had actually maxed 2 of him. Why not use both? I also dusted off Triton for this one. Against the final bosses, I wasn’t paying close enough attention and several quick successive hits all on cRigard killed him. Other than that, no real problems. Gullinbursti’s overheals came in very handy. Druid emblems to Master Lepus, ranger emblems to Lianna, and trainer hero to Garnet (3/57).


This trial is the best fit for my roster nowadays, a walk over with C. Rigard +20, Buddy 4/70, Lianna 4/69, Kadillen +18, Seshat +18 (now +19 :wink: )

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