🔵 [Aug 23, 2020] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Easy win, oh how I love Gullinbursti :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No items used, ranger emblems are for Seshat, Druïde not sure yet…

Trainer hero is for Peters. Thanks and have fun you’ll! :smiley:


Completed using the same team as previous month …
Melendor, Red Hood, Costume Magni, Tiburtus and Kadilen


Took this used some health pots had a really good start on the end bosses everyone’s special ready to fire couple of diamonds let it all go. It would of over in about a minute if chao didn’t hit Athena cause her to lose mana :frowning:

Ranger to Athena Druid in storage trainer zeline :slight_smile:


My team for this trials. 2 stages passed, 1st time with a minion master, they are a strong shield


Team last time RHood, Seshat, Zim, CRigs and Lianna.

This time : CRigs, Seshat, Zim, Alby and Lianna.

Compared to the last time, the battle went smoothly and slightly faster; good board and thanks to Alby speeding up mana charge. No item used but this time, team ended the battle in good health.

All emblems and trainer saved for now.


My team this time:

  • Noble Rigard +20
  • Tiburtus +c20
  • Vela +7
  • Caedmon +18
  • Buddy +19

Mercifully, I was apparently more awake this time than last, so I remembered Tiburtus is a ranger, and I put him back in his proper place in this trial instead of Melendor +c20. Also, Vela is up two talents from last time.

Not much to say about the trial this time. Mobs went down quickly, and I was able to form and preserve both a purple and a green diamond while going into the boss wave with everyone charged. This meant that Horghall did not get a chance to fire at all. Chao fired, taking out two Buddy minions, and that’s about it. He was the next to fall. Brienne got her buff up and took one pretty good whack at Vela before she also died. Quickest time through this trial for a few iterations, I’m sure.

Not enough druid emblems to take Vela to another level. Chao gains one talent, which is just temporary, since he is getting reset the minute I max Lianna, who ate the trainer to get to 3^46. Plenty of tonics in store for her; she will be my first maxed legendary green and will obviously take over for Caedmon in this trial by then.


Finally managed to finish this without relying on items.
Gullinbursti - C.Sonya - Vela +5 - C.Tiburtus +11 - Melendor with costume bonus +few emblems.
Gullinbursti was the game changer: getting to last stages with all heroes at double health helped a lot, i didn’t have to worry about health at all. Managed to get Sonya always ready to cleanse Horghall’s def down and Melendor to dispel Brienne’s attack up.
Tiburtus + Vela is also a nice combo.
Emblems saved (i’ll wait to see what comes out from Vela’s nerf before further embleming her), trainer to Gravemaker.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Caedmon and Melendor out, no need dispell, because Buddy has debuff flip for Brienne and Seshat is dispell. So RIgard-C and Tiburtus-CB are joined the party to get advantage of color againts Chao.

Other Option


Decent start.

Finished without using items. Compared to last team, this team are better.


Emblem Druid I’m not sure if I will continue to Vela (because of balance rumor), maybe I’ll keep for now. Ranger will give it to Tiburtus as he is in my purple stack very great. Trainer keep for now.


My team: C. Rigard, Buddy, Melendor, Vela, Lianna.

Finished with no items used :scream:

Trainer & emblems on bench.


C rigard/ chao / triton / mireweave / melendor (cb). Used a few items, but not really challenging

Trainer to LJ, emblems stashed.


Vanilla heroes, all with costume bonus except Kadilen.

C.Rigard - Caed - Tibs - C. LittleJohn - 3/70 Kadilen

Didn’t realise I was low on mana pots till I was well into the game. Luckily didn’t have to use any items at all. Went into boss stage mostly charged up and a decent starting board. Lost Kadi, but won comfortably.

Druid emblems to Gullinbursti, Ranger emblems banked, trainer to Isarnia. No reset token.


No items used
Ranger Emblems used on Lianna to take her to node 6.
Druid emblems are just goin to wait… I have 156 now. I could put more on my first Caedmon, or on my second (Main Caedmon is +14, second is +9)


Team last time/ Team this time

Swapped out Triton for nearly maxed Lianna. Spent a couple of time stops due to bad boards and lost 3 heroes. Could have gone better but apparently my luck was still set for TOL.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Lianna.


I beat all 3 levels and used less items again :smile_cat: I only had to use 1 bomb, 1 axe and 3 arrows.

My team was Rigard in his costume (+19), Tiburtus (+19), Gullinbursti (+20), Lianna (maxed) and Sonya in her costume (+6). Enemy!Brienne kept using her special attack and poor Lianna and Sonya were knocked out :cry: So I used items to know out Brienne and then we were able to win :slight_smile:

I was able to finish Tiburtus; he is now emblemed to 20 :trophy: I will save the druid emblems and the 3* green trainer hero for later :slight_smile:


Went with this. Honestly dunno what I used last time, Lianna is probably new because I got her very recently.

No trouble at all, Gullin’s HP boost accumulated during monster waves was enough to tank even enraged Bosses. Emblems will go to Lianna, druid emblems will collect dust for some time now that Vela is +19 (and if she gets last suggested nerf she’ll lose them all. Damn, those druid emblems are complicated, I already took them from Ranvir once I realized he’s hot garbage). Trainer also stored.


I miss getting reset tokens after completing the trials. Trainer heroes are great … but I made many mistakes with emblems early on and would like more opportunities to reset emblems without having to pay gems and lose 5%.

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2 antidotes & a small mana.
Trained Malo #2 & saved blems.


Nice & easy completion. Used a different team this time round, subbing in Vela & Master Lepus as well as Zimkitha & Red Hood… So the only carryover was C-Rigard lol.

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


Emblems stashed for when I have food free again (working on troops). Trainer stashed for when I next levelling a hero.


Tibertus - Chao - Melendor - C.Magni - Triton

Green trainer to Ratatoskr.
Up to 731 Ranger emblems and 684 Druid emblems. Still can’t even get a Lianna from TC20 :sleepy:. Saving a set of rings and all my Ranger emblems in hopes of pulling Gejfon in a few months lol.

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Same team
Lianna has gone up +3

Nice greenies to start

Speedy went down first

I think i fired an arrow in here somewhere, thougt i was gana die i think

Losing Melendor hurt, but got there in the end

Emblems for Lianna and save the others
Trainer for Gazelle


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