Second Joon. Is it worth it?

I have a second Joon waiting for darts at 3/70. Not sure if it’s worth asecnding a double, even good one like Joon… I have 14 darts and basically unlimited orbs. Current yellow mono team is Woolerton+7, Joon+14, Chao+19, Malosi+7 and Jackal+14. Got all other S1 4* maxed, another 1/1 Malosi and this second Joon 3/70… Should I keep him on stand-by and keep the darts for a possible TC20 or HA yellow 5*, or is he worth another 6 darts. I’m not a lucky summoner, but some really strong yellow 5* heroes are coming soon (Odin, Thor) I’m saving Valhalla coins, who knows…

In my honest opinion, I normally go for variety over duplicates.
That said I would definitely max a duplicate joon if you have his costume.
If you don’t, then wait for heroes like Odin or Thor etc. Something will land on your doorstep eventually


No costume for Joon so for… If I’ll be lucky enough to get it, I’ll keep the advice in mind, thanks.

I’m in the same situation. Been playing since march 2018 and never had the chance of getting good yellow 5* apart from TC20s.

So after Joon and Vivica, I waited 12 darts to max another Joon… then another one when I reached 12 darts again. Basically, everytime I reach 12 darts, I up another TC20. But I always keep at least 6 darts in case something special comes my way. (Finally got Sif!)

But yeah, normal TC20 without costume are kind of obsolete. But as a f2p, that’s what I have. So yeah… three Joons. So far.


I’m maxing a second Joon, as I had 11 darts (soon 13), and will use him in wars. As C2P, my yellow stack is Joon / Woolerton / Mist / Leonidas / Gullinbusti or Gretel, depending on mood. I can’t sit on that many darts waiting on a mythical hero that may never come. Next is probably a second Gullinbursti. Justice is sitting there very sad at 3/70, but she brings enough disadvantages to not want to max her…


You have 14 darts so honestly I’d just go for the 2nd Joon.

He’s still IMO one of the best yellow 5* in the game for offense, even if he’s a bit squishy he hits like a truck. I don’t see any downside to ascending a second one.

You’ll still have 8 darts left over after that, so even if you do get lucky with Odin or Thor you’ll have 6 left for one of them. I mean, even if best case you get both, I would choose Odin over Thor (fast mana speed buff is amazing for countering a certain dominant tank in this meta)


Even uncostumed, Joon hits really hard, and a fast joon-Joon 1-2 punch can be pretty devastating. With 14 darts I’d be maxing my second Joon already. I’m just waiting on one more more to max him over Leo.

In your case, with the heroes in hand you might consider Malosi #2 over Joon #2 for war use to shut down opponent’s tank.



As I said… three, going on four soon I guess.


I was going to do Malosi 2 for that exact reason as I have 3 lvl 11 mana troops and a highly emblemed Jackal to go for a mega 6 tile smash.

But my alliance convinced me to level the Joon I had sat there untouched.

Honestly a very savvy call and I’ve got 7 emblems in him so far and he’s doing serious work for me. Making a massive difference on the current purple Titan too.

A second Joon or a second Malosi would be a tough call though…


The short answer is yes, he is worth it.

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Yes, I think 2nd Joon is worth, specially if we do not have other good option.
I think every S1 Sniper are great, with or without costume.


I vote for second Malosi over second Joon no costume.

In your case, I’d only consider second Joon if I had his costume. Agree with @JimP that classic 5* without costume are sort of obsolete.

I strongly disagree. My Joon, Lianna, and Marjana hold me above 2600 cups easily and are awesome on offense too. Dropping emblems on a Sartana and Magni too at the moment. These are awesome heroes.

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@Rduke77 Good for you! I am glad you are happy with your heroes. :smile:

To me, classic 5* are generally underpowered, that’s why they released costumes. They can make a huge difference. For example, I am considering maxing a third costume Sartana. I wouldn’t bother without her costume.

I have a similar thread in Is it cool to max them? but my Joon has a costume and I asked the forum users on the viability of leveling 2 of him. Hope that helps.

i am also with verity over quantity.
having his costume is a big yes factor.

i maxed two magnis (i didn’t get any other blue 5* at all for over 1.5 years of playing) now i almost never use the second magni (he was useful at the time)

joon is useful to pair with jackal so having a second jackal will really help.

in hindsight, i would’ve hold on my second magni knowing the blue heros i have now.

not sure if my comment helps or added more hesitation :laughing:


Tell her to stop sulking. She deserves to be where she is. Tell her if she wants to be chosen she needs to DO BETTER

Personally I would ascend him. I think he would easily replace Chao and give you better overall results.

I will have the dilemma of second costume Joon or Musashi soon. Will probably lean towards Musashi just for the added flexibility of hitting 3 and the higher tile damage, but if i didnt have Musashi I would go Joon x2.

I do run 2 Liannas in my mono green and it is very effective. 2 Joons would be have a similar effectiveness with the added bonus that Jackal+Joon 1 takes out 1 enemy, Joon 2 cripples and blinds 2nd enemy

They’re not bad. They’re the best TC20 can provide. But def stats under 600 for Magni? Attack under 700 for a sniper like Marj? Normal Joon feels a bit squishy too. And those comments come from a guy who owns 3 maxed Joon, 3 maxed Lianna, 2 maxed Magni and 2 maxed Marjana. As I said, I play with what I have as a f2p. Like you. But they do seems a bit behind newer heroes IMHO, and that’s normal. They’re 3 years old and easily obtainable.

Crossing fingers to get costumes.

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Agree on your points…but I was responding to the guy who said they were obsolete. They are not. Heck, Marjana is the best red sniper in existence to this day! Lianna drops probably the most damage (she’s at least top 3) on a single target! These heroes aren’t obsolete is all I was saying.