Is a 2nd joon worth it for my team or wait?

Should I hold on my mats or or would you ascend a second joon to add into my mono team?

Ascend him or wait for something different?

With that many darts it’s hard to say wait. You are a bit lower on tomes and blades though. I don’t see an upside unless you have some other heroes to work on.

Yeah tomes and blades are a pain. Yellow is probably my weakest mono team too, so idk what to do. Maybe I’ll wait until after s4 comes out and see what happens

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When you phrase it as an improvement for your mono team I get less excited about a second Joon. But again, you don’t have other that are very compelling.

I have 25 darts, and yet my 2nd Joon is still at 3/70, including his costumed version. Though Joon is a good sniper, especially with costume as it improves the stats and changes the class of the same sniper, variety is still the most popular opinion. You also need to consider the availability of emblems for the 2nd Joon.

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