Is it cool to max them?

I have maxed Drake, Rana, Guardian Gazelle, Poseidon, Joon and costume, and Onatel. I also have maxed Li Xiu (currently maxing her costume), Chao, Danzaburo, Lady Woolerton, Wu Kong, Gretel x2 and Guardian Jackal x3. I plan to get 2 Gullinburstis, 2 more Woolerton, ascend a 3rd Gretel and a 4th Jackal, including my 3/60 Hu Tao. And I play mono as my mode of attack both in raids and in wars.

The question now is, for war depth, is it cool to max a 2nd Gazelle and 2nd Joon and costume? My other yellows legendaries are 3/70 Vivica (only plan to ascend her of I get her costume, 3/70 Leo (awaiting when his costume is released), or untouched Inari, Guardian Owl and Justice. Currently sitting on 19 darts and 58 orbs. I know variety is great and I have been praying to get Viv’s costume, Delilah and White Rabbit using only free pulls. Do you think a 2nd Gazelle and 2nd Joon & costume would be cool? I have my thoughts but I want to hear from you, folks. Please share your mind and thank you in arvance.


I would max a second gazelle in a heartbeat if I could… one of my favorite heroes (but don’t tell eve, she tends to get jealous)…

Joon2 is another great option imo… and i have my second sitting at 3/70. no costume though. (sadface)

even though yellow is an off-color for the green tanks we consistently face in war, I have a lot of success with my mono yellow team.


Yes, yes, yes … my plan is to max a duplicate Joon in Costume as soon as I get the mats. And Although I don’t have Gazelle, I would gladly take two off anybody’s hands …
I have a lot of success with my yellow mono team when facing Telluria.
I run with:
Jackal, Malosi, Justice, Onatel, C.Joon


I would go for 2nd Joon + costume myself in your shoes, but a 2nd Gazelle would be a good idea too. Your yellow bench is pretty great, that’s quite a good variety of useful 5*s.

Good luck getting Viv’s costume. Though I think even her wouldn’t be bad to max either, considering you have Gazelle to buy her time to charge and heal afterwards.


So is your goal to have 30 maxed heroes in each element for mono attacks in war (5 heroes * 6 flags)? Because damn that’s impressive.

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Not really. The general consensus is that variety is better. I raised the question because I want to get some player’s ideas whether maxing a 2nd Gazelle and 2nd Joon and costume would be an exception to the general consensus, knowing full well my other holy legendary options and that getting Viv’a costume, White Rabbit and Delilah gets slimmer and slimmer everyday as I dont’t summon much these few months anymore, save those freebies. And I don’t think getting 30 heroes maxed per element would be tantamount to successful raids and wars by reason of the RNG factor. But I would pretty much like maxing usable better heroes than max those that having a variety of heroes who wont even get chosen in wars. I know I can use a 2nd Gazelle in wars even against non purple tanked enemy alliances, so would be Joon and his costume.

@Math4lyfe @JGE @DaveCozy

Thanks for sharing your brains. This confirms my initial thoughts. I have been leveling 10 heroes at a time by feeding 2* same colored feeders to my legendaries and feeding 1* same colored feeders to my epics. Working on my 2nd Joon (currently on his 2nd tier), I will start feeding him with 1* same colored feeders on his costume version once I have placed him to 4/1, while my 2nd Gazelle will start feeding on 2* same colored feeders. I can try ascending them ASAP since I have over 1,500 unclaimed feeders in one of my TC11s, my TC2 queued for 40+ days and my TC20 has my food stored for 450 days, but I am really in no hurry to have them done as my current roster is more than capable of dealing most enemy teams. My Hero Academy will be maxed in 7 days which I can immediately research on HA3 and HA7 for quick feeders and trainer heroes, but I am more inclined also to research and work on HA8 for 3* troops and hoard iron there. Again, my appreciation to you, guys.


Being you play mono for war I’d go gazelle as can mix 4* and 5* between two flags.


In my opinion, absolutely yes. Gazelle and C-Joon are both amazing at attacking, and given your alternatives, I’d do both without looking back. Since taht still leaves you with 7 spare darts, you are even prepared for an upcoming amazing yellow pull if it happens.
Variety is nice and all and generally a good roule of thumb, but in this case I would go with the proven great heroes over mediocre diversity.

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Working on 2nd Joon. Just feeding him 2* yellows. Once I get him to 4/1, I will be feeding his costume with 1* yellows and have the 2* yellow feeders on my 2nd Gazelle. Still have 20 darts in my inventory.

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