Another who should get my first set of Darts topic

Well went to claim my bidaily TC 20 and Joon popped his head out. Sad thing is, I am already working on Leonidas although a bit slowly as I am trying to max Tony Danza atm. Joon is my third or fourth 5 star yellow rn. As I have two Leos, Inari, and now Joon. 1st Leo is only at 2nd tier.

Who in your guy’s opinion should get the first set of darts?

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Joon for sure
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Leo is ok. If you didn’t have Joon, he would have been ok.

Inari is great with what she does - I have her maxed and like her, but she is a bit neiche - wouldn’t recommend as 1st yellow.

Joon is a staple of the game, will be with you and an asset for the whole time you play the game. Congrats on the pull from TC20

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If you have too many snipers - Inari

If you don’t want to think and want to make a safe choice - Joon

Probably Joon


@maldos04 Thank you. Wasn’t really expecting him as I was on a roll of 3 stars lately and was expecting another one. I am hoping to get his costume in next month’s one.

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Very pleasant surprise.

If you post all your hero’s and mats can get a more detailed answer from ppl, but as your 1st yellow can’t see the answer changing.

I severely dislike Inari myself. Joon all the way. Inari is better than Margaret sure but she still is a very poor defensive choice. So for me she would be used only in wars with purple tanks like any other yellow 5*. I left her at 1/1, if they do make another balance patch and increases her special to 4 turns I would consider her.

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Ha, I just wrote something about Joon on another thread then opened this one.

I also have Leonidas, and he does get an outing in wars and occasional stacks, but he’s just, you know, a yellow 5*. Better than no 5*, but not even nearly as good as Joon. Park him at 2.60 and he’ll still be there if/when you get more darts than candidates.

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In my honest opinion, it would have to be Joon 100%

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For anyone wondering what my roster looks like, here it is.

I have both Inari and Joon, and I agree. Joon first. Inari was my first maxed Yellow, she helped a bit, but I really hated using Yellows in raids because here special wasn’t that reliable. But once I maxed Joon, WOW! My raid offense improved dramatically.

Inari is a great supporter, and she has saved my team many times. But Joon gives you great, reliable offense. Him first, then use Inari (or Leo) to complement him later. (btw, Inari’s dodge and Joon’s blind make an amazing combo! I’ve had time where my entire team avoided an AOE attack through either blind or dodge!) :wink: )

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Not even close. Joon.

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Well, now I have a holy problem on my 1st alt. Final hero to come out of the TC 20 was Joon and I am still working on Chao (about to be 3-60) mats for 4th tier for Joon are no problem. It my fine gloves I am having a hard time deciding who to give them too. Getting to the point, should I leave Chao at 3-60 and work on Joon asap or max out Chao then work on Joon?

A few things to note:

*Holy is where my 1st alt is severely lacking.
*Joon is the only holy 5 star that profile has.

  • 4th tier mats for one 5 star holy is no problem.
    *Li Xiu and Chao are the only holy 4 stars that are on that profile. The rest are 3 stars. I have Melia at +15 and Bane and his costume at +1.

What are your priorities on your alt account? Do you care about war depth or raid offense? Do you color stack?

Based on what info you did share, I’m tempted to say ditch Chao for Joon (you already have Li - whom I assume is maxed - and she has a very similar skill, though of course Chao’s faster speed is an asset too; PLUS you say you already have all the mats for Joon ready).

Do NOT max Danzaburo. Leave him at 3.60 for all eternity. Save your orbs, especially since you have Joon and 2 more guardian jackals. Also get a Wu Kong maxed asap. I would do Joon, then Wu Kong, then another Jackal. Then Leo if you dont get a better 5* yellow when you get enough darts

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@sleepyhead Yeah she is at +8 with a maxed costume.

I also have a darts question, who would make your defense teams sir rostley or joon without costum. Thx

Can Rostley be ok in a defence?

I would max joon. I don’t know what your troops are like but fast snipers are really extremely helpful especially if you don’t have high level mana troops.


Joon, Joon and Joon again.

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Hello :wink:
You have 3 jackals level them alll :+1::sunglasses:


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